Top 6 Ways Your Website Can Make You Some Extra Cash
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Jun 18, 2013

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Top 6 Ways Your Website Can Make You Some Extra Cash

There are several ways to make your website profitable. Displaying ads, selling products, and charging visitors for access to premium content are a few options to consider. Here are the top 6 ways your website can make you some extra cash.


6. Sell Ad Space

Instead of joining an ad network, you can offer space on your website directly to companies. For example, if you have a blog or website with a large anime fan base, you could reach out to anime retailers regarding ad placement for their business on your website. Negotiate a fee for placing the ad for a specific amount of time.

5. Place Advertisements on Your Website

One way to earn passive income with your website is to place ads on the site. Use either a pay per click advertising network, such as Google AdSense, or a cost per mille network, such as CaSale Media. Pay per click ad networks pay you every time a visitor clicks on an ad. With a cost per mille ad network, you're paid for every thousand views of an ad. Most reputable ad networks offer $1 to $10 per thousand views.

4. Sell T-Shirts, eBooks, and More

Another way to make money on your website is by selling things related to your website. DVDs, eBooks, audiobooks, and apps are some of the things you can sell. T-Shirts, cups, and mugs with text or logos related to your site sell as well. There are several websites which let you create and sell these types of goods including, CafePress, and Spreadshirt. Simply place a shopping cart or link on your website to these products, or use a website builder to add a store to your website.

3. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Instead of selling your products, try selling the products of another company, for a percentage of the sales. Most affiliate marketers receive about 5% for each product that sells as a result of their efforts. This can simply be a link on your webpage back to the product page on the company's website. A product description and recommendation usually is all you need to have your visitors click on the link. You will get the credit for each referral. and several retailers offer affiliate programs.

2. Charge for Access to Premium Content

Having a subscription plan for premium content is another option. This could include articles, videos, music, and images. You could charge monthly for access to private forums as well. Depending on your website, there are several more things you could offer to entice your visitors to subscribe to premium content.

1. Embed a Donate Button

One more way to make money from your website is to embed a donate button. Visitors to your site can click on the button and easily donate with a credit card. You can get a donate button at This site accepts online payments, including donations.

Ads, products, and donations can be huge revenue generators for your website. However, avoid placing too many ads on your website. This can appear spammy and it might drive away some visitors. What other cash-generating tactics do you use with your own site?


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