PaydayMansion Affiliate Program Review
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Apr 13, 2013

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PaydayMansion Affiliate Program Review

PaydayMansion Abouts

Affiliate marketing industry is growing strong in many countries of America and Europe. The biggest markets seem to be the United States and the United Kingdom. There are numerous affiliate marketing programmes in the market. But in fact, there is no such a programme that would be specialized in only one industry. Such a programme is PaydayMansion. PaydayMansion acts only in payday loans industry. Therefore it may focus only on one group of customers and develop better acquisition strategies. Thanks to this, our affiliates are able to get the highest commission in the market. No payday loan affiliate programme is able to offer commission fee on such a high ratio, as we do. 

Big money – even 2-4 k USD per day!

Affiliate marketing in payday loans is a very hard work. Competition level is enormous, there are thousands of companies that are ready to struggle for market share. We know how to reach customers and build a competitive advantage for those, who are interested in cooperation with us. For our efficacy, we are well remunerated. The gross of money from the traffic we offer to our affiliates. We pay to the best webmasters even 2-4 k USD daily. It’s not a marketing trick, it’s true. If you provide intensive and good-quality traffic, you may beat this record.

We value opinion of affiliates

What makes our payday loan affiliate programme stand out is the way we consult some good practices and rules. We have not achieved anything special without affiliates. They generate traffic and share their opinion with us. We have designed PaydayMansion only thanks to long hours spent on discussion with experienced webmasters. We have got experience in launching affiliates programmes for our customers. But in terms of business model we needed to look at the whole stuff from different perspective. From affiliates, we learnt how affiliate programme should work, what its biggest drawbacks are, and in what terms it should be competitive. The main strength of our program is the highest commission fee, that you may get, without any special hassle. 

Members Area

To join our programme you need to pass the registration process. The signing-up procedure takes two stages that are not complicated by any means. In the first stage of registration you have to give us your personal and address details, name and surname, place of residence, telephone number, and e-mail address, and URL of website( if you have one or more). After giving us these information, we will verify them.

But before you will start the registration you will be given an invitation code. Our programme is exclusive, we decide who will be invited, but mainly we trust in judgment and opinion of our affiliates who distribute invitation codes to their friends and relatives.

Affiliate platform

As the best payday loans affiliate program we provide you different ways in which you can be supported by our team. Use ICQ, Skype or e-mail, to get all needed information. 
Summary report

Abundance of marketing methods

We are committed to giving our affiliates all marketing methods possible. You can use public and private landing pages to generate traffic, but also you can use banners, popups, pop-unders, pay-per-click campaigns. If you will discuss the matter with our affiliate manager you can also use social media, job advert pages to promote payday loans. 

 Sample landing page



 Sample landing page

Landing page is the place where users become leads. You can redirect them from the web to the landing page. With the correct call-to-action, users will be triggered to leave their contact details. When they are positively verified, they are added to your traffic and your commission increases.

About reports and payouts

Like all affiliates you need to know what actions you make, and what their results are. In such cases you can use dashboard in the members area to generate all reports that you may need. You can create global reports that will show you summary statistics. You can also group information by a specific performance indicator. You also get inform about referrals and all installs of mobile applications. 

Reports - Dashboard

As an affiliate you will get money per every fourteen days. We will send it to you by PayPal or WMZ. In some cases, when transfer fees are high, we may extent the hold period (meaning: more than fourteen days).

You know that the best affiliates get 2-4 k USD per day, it means 60-80 k USD per month! If you are such a forerunner, you may be sure that we will send you money more frequently.

Traffic from Mobile Applications

We have designed a special mobile application for iPhone and Android that collect leads using mobile devices. It is also another source of cash for you. You can create mobile links and send it to your friends and relatives. Each download of application brings commission for you. You are remunerated with 5% commission for downloads. We will find them with the use of our high-end tracking system. All downloads are connected with application, and your affiliate ID.


In Summary

To conclude, it may not be so wise to cooperate with more than one affiliate programme. Perhaps you may be interested in entering into agreement only with one. PaydayMansion seems to be the best solution in this case.

Believe in economy of scale and specialization. Affiliate programme that is focused on one industry, and one group of clients, has better understanding of such a market, and is able to give all the relevant help to webmasters. PaydayMansion is such a programme, without any doubts. 


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