March 2012
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Mar 29, 2012

What is Google Ranking

Google ranking is nothing but an ranking algorithm which is used by Google to decide quality of the blogs or websites all over the blogosphere.

To become a successful blogger and Internet marketer one should need to overcome the barriers of the google ranking agorithm.

Google have never revealed their ranking algorithm anywhere however many successful Internet Marketers and bloggers have proposed some theories and truths about google rankings. These theories can be used to understand google ranking tactics though these theories were proposed on the basis of trial and error methods but who cares about the source if these works perfectly fine to get high google rankings.

How google ranking algorithm works:

Here again I am going to give a statement with which many seo consultants will not agree at all. and it is,
The google dont gives much priority to content in google ranking.
Because google crawlers or google bots considers even a meaningless self written paragraph as a unique content. Google uses crawlers not humans to crawl and examine your content and these bots can not explicitly determine the quality of content however they are able to decide if the content is copied,unique or spun.
so leaving content on a side we will discuss other factors that affect google rankings.

factors that affects Google rankings:

1. Quality anchored Backlinks:

Google gives highest prority to quality keyword anchored backlinks in google ranking algorithm.
Any blogpost can be ranked higher in SERPs by getting some targeted keyword anchored backlinks.

Suppose we have a blog post on our blog "how to incerase pagerank of a blog".

And if we want to rank this post in SERPs for keyword "increase pagerank" then we need to get some backlinks to our root domain and some to that post page with anchor text "increase pagerank".

Note: The format yourname@keyword is only recommended if the blog on which you are commenting is a keywordluv blog, dont use this format of anchor text while commenting on non keywordluv blog instead use your targeted keyword directly as anchor text.

Check out this high pagerank dofollow blogs list.

2. Backinks diversity:

Let the flow of backlinks to your blog diverse, google loves backlinks diversity.
Get targeted keyword anchored backlinks from veriety of resources such as blog commenting,guest posting, article directory submission, wiki posting etc.

Also read this article to check out how to get maximum from guest posting.

3. Bounce rate:

Google uses bounce rate of your blog to determine the quality of your content, as discussed earlier google cant explicitly determine the quality of your blog content, for that purpose google uses the behavior of visitors towards your blog.
If your blog have low bounce rate and users spend relatively more time on your blog then google considers that your respective blogpost content is usefull and totally revalent to the search query by which the respective visitor landed on that page.

Mar 12, 2012

Will Pagerank / Backlinks Loss their Importance in Google's ranking Algorithms

Its a very hot topic now a days, some webmasters are running behind pagerank and some are ignoring it, may be due to they failed to build a high pagerank even after doing lot of hard work.

So What do you think? Will Pagerank and Backlinks Loss their Importance in the eyes of Google in Future?

If you will ask my opinion then I will simply say a big NO.

Pagerank is directly proportional to dofollow backlinks pointing to your blogs. Now a days its very easy to automate backlinks with autobots so some webmasters have made their minds that in future backlinks and concurrently the pagerank are going to loss their inporance in google ranking algorithms.

If you are one of these webmaster then I will like to ask you , what do you think will be the most important factor that will be counted in Google's ranking algorithm?

Undoubtedly I know the the only answer that rising in your minds now. Isn't it's Unique Content?

Yes you are not wrong but not correct too.

Let me explain it,
Talking about Unique content, a meaningless self written paragraph is also a unique content in the eys of google bots. Come on google uses crawlers not humans to crawl and examine your content and these bots can not really decide the quality of content they can only decide if the content is copied or unique even spun.

The only way by which google can decide quality of a blog is by counting quality backlinks pointing to it.

There is no chance that google going to ignore backlinks and their own decided currency i.e. pagerank in google ranking algorithms.
 Yes Unique content is a king but backlinks are Pioneers of your blogging empire. 
A content is always judged and will be judged on the basis of backlinks.
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