How to Make a Website for Free
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Dec 17, 2012

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How to Make a Website for Free

It has always been said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Indeed, with economies crashing down, unemployment rates rising, and people running out of cash, freebies are just too good to be true these days. However, it is also true that free websites can be obtained and it is possible to create and maintain a site without having to spend anything on domain name registration and monthly hosting. One can sign up for free web hosting and free web pages can be updated any time with new information.


Free Website hosting is applicable to the following basic websites which can be completely free:
  • Personal Websites – web pages created by individuals showcasing personal information and often used for entertainment purposes.
  • Family Websites – usually created by families to keep members connected through sharing of family photos, keepsakes, and genealogy to preserve family history in the process.
  • Special Occasions or Announcement Websites – websites for special occasion announcements such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like.
  • Hobbyist & Special Interest Websites – websites created by people sharing the same hobbies and special interests.
  • Clubs, Organizations and Associations – websites dedicated for various organizations mentioned.

Word of caution against free websites and free web site hosting

Alas, there is, indeed, no such thing as a free lunch. When somebody offers you a free website, you will be required to sign up before you can start building yourown website. Once you sign up, you may find yourself committed to extra costs and hidden charges imposed by the provider. Here are some other problems you might belatedly encounter:

  • Intrusive pop-up windows and banner ads
  • The free website does not include a free domain name
  • The good features are a part of a premium package you have to pay for
  • The need to use the online point and click tools provided by the free service in creating your own site
  • Unreliable technical support
  • Difficulty in switching to other host service providers
Since free websites are not really free in the real sense of the word, it is best to register your own domain name to get your own web address. This way, your website will not be at the mercy of the company which provides your free website. When the provider decides to implement changes, your website will be safely intact.

Create Your Free Website


The first thing to do in creating a free website is to choose a free web host. In choosing a free web host, you need to consider the following:
  • The purpose of your website should be compatible with the capabilities of the free web host.
  • Does the free web host offer an easy builder system for beginners?
Most site builders of hosting companies work only on that company’s server making it impossible for your site to be moved to another host without rebuilding it from scratch.
  • Will the free web host allow you to get email through your website’s domain name? It’s best to choose a host which provides unlimited autoresponders so you can stay in touch with your visitors or potential customers.
  • Does the free web host provide enough space for your website’s growth?
  • Does the free web host provide enough speed for faster loading?
  • If you’re planning a website that will generate a lot of traffic, free hosting is not advisable.
You should be able to choose a web host that would suit your needs and provide the technical support you need.

The next step is to build your website.


The simplest way to build your website is to use your web host’s free website builder, that is, if they have one. If not, you will need some type of web building software available from outside sources.

In building your website, you need to keep in mind some reminders:
  •  Keep your web site simple but eye pleasing. Avoid clutter and unpleasant fonts and color.
  • Avoid blaring music or sound on your site that might startle people away.
  • Avoid slow loading graphics on your page. People will not stick around to wait for the loading.
  • Show your visitors what your site is all about in a glance.
  • Avoid annoying pop-ups on your site which tend to annoy people.
The third step in creating your free website is to upload your website to your web host account. Some call this “publishing your website”. If you are using your web host’s website builder, your website files will automatically be on your web host’s servers. You can do this just by clicking a button.

If you’re using an independent software website builder, just log on to your web host account and click the upload button.


Now that you have created your own website for free, you may want to use it now to start a small business, or to start a blog. Whatever you decide to do with it, always remember to evaluate your web site periodically. Make the necessary improvements to update it. 

Remember the purpose you had in mind when you created it. Make sure your web site has personality so as to attract visitors. Design is just as important as the content. Make it simple yet elegantly attractive. Always remember that a great website shares meaningful and useful content that gives information, entertainment, and satisfaction.


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