Get Paid Per Lead With T3Leads
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Dec 14, 2012

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Get Paid Per Lead With T3Leads

You might have surely heard the term affiliate marketing in which you can some commission out of every sale. Many people are earning large amount of bucks through affiliate marketing. But how it would be if you able to earn money easier than this. Now I have better alternative for you where you are paid for each sign-up and not each sale. And the network that can help you earn easily without even selling their product is T3Leads.

What is T3Leads?

T3Leads is a Pay Per Lead affiliate network for payday loans and insurance vendors. Beside their pay per lead program T3Leads also give webmasters a opportunity to monetize their sites via pay-per-click advertising solution.

T3Leads is one of the best CPA program that can help you earn a lot of money by both their programs i.e pay per lead system and pay-per-click system. The payment is also done on bi-weekly basis with payment modes Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, ACH.

How To Make Money Using T3Leads?

The question that might be striking in your mind is that how could you make money with T3leads?

Earning money with Affiliate marketing had never been easier. You must get a confirmed sale of the product you are promoting to get paid but that’s not in the case of T3leads.

In T3leads you are simply paid for each lead i.e. per each sign-up. You don't need to sell their products and I think this is the best part of T3leads.

First of all you have to sign up for T3leads affiliate program and then you just need to promote their site and send visitors to their express signup page and for this purpose you can use various type of banners, text link etc.

But you need to make sure that people fill in their correct details and sign-up for the programme. If this is done, then you are paid some cash for this. But this doesn't mean that you can use this system to generate extra money by filling in details yourself as T3leads keep a strict eye on everything and your account may even be suspended if you indulge yourself in any of illegal activities.

T3leads consumer support is also worth appreciation. As soon as your account gets approved you are allotted a personal account manager whom you can consult anytime you face any problem

T3leads use their own sites to generate leads for merchants and affiliates and you have to promote these sites to get paid. These sites include Payday loan and Insurance sites.


However there is no fixed amount that you will get per each lead. But as it related to insurance and loans, you will surely get a good amount of money for each lead.

I hope everything is clear to you and you must be surely willing to join this awesome program. Then what are you waiting for? Be fast and join this awesome pay per lead program and start making large bucks using T3leads.


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