December 2012
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Dec 17, 2012

San Diego Hosting Solutions Keep Small and Large Business Websites Up and Running


Web Hosting Providers in San Diego

Whether you are a start-up, small business or large enterprise in the San Diego area, you can find San Diego hosting solutions that will enable you to obtain the bandwidth and storage you need as well as be PCI compliant.

What Does PCI Mean and Why is it Important to your Business


PCI, which is short for Payment Card Industry, is especially important if you operate a business of any size. Complying with data security standards (DSS) for payments enables you to operate on a level where customers can fully trust you with their payment details.

As a result, by relying on a hosting company that features compliance, the reputation of your business is enhanced. Compliance is designed to prevent breaches in security and the theft of payment information. Therefore, the customers you attract to your site become more confident about conducting business with you, which, in turn, also makes them repeat customers too.

Why Compliance is a Necessity

Besides its direct advantages, compliance also enables you to identify ways to enhance you IT infrastructure and comply with other regulations as well. Indeed, PCI compliance is a necessity today if you want to avoid the unfavorable consequences resulting from:

  • Legal actions or law suits
  • Fines issued by the government
  • Insurance claims
  • Fines from payment card issuers

Hosting Features

Therefore, regardless of you business’ size, a hosting company should provide you with both high security and continual support. Start-ups, small businesses, and larger enterprises all should receive support that features:


  • The necessary bandwidth and storage, with the resources to add more storage and bandwidth if necessary
  • A dedicated IP address
  • SSL certificate authentication
  • PCI compliance

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate enforces security for a hosted site as it protects the information sent to the site. Any website that requires a log-in for its users or requests their financial data should be hosted by a provider that offers encryption of the information.

Colocation: An Affordable Solution for Smaller Companies

Colocation is also a good hosting solution for smaller to medium enterprises as you enjoy the same type of IT advantages as a large company but at a far more affordable price. However, colocation does cost more than standard web hosting. However, you also have more control as you actually own the server hardware.

Benefits of Colocation

Many SMEs are choosing colocation today as they have access to a larger amount of bandwidth and storage, enjoy more security if a power outage occurs, and are able to outsource the management of the server to the colocation company.

Standard Services: What a Hosting Company Should Provide

Server companies that provide hosting should be manned 24/7 and feature facilities that supply optimum redundancy and security. Surveillance monitoring, fire suppression, and climate control should all be available.

Types of Hosting

In San Diego, hosting for businesses is available in a number of forms, including:

  •  Shared hosting plans
  •  Business web hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Managed Dedicated hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Colocation

The Differences in Some of the Services


Colocation is closer in nature to dedicated hosting. However, the user owns the server rather than leases it. In dedicated hosting plans, the customer takes responsibility for the server maintenance and security although he is not offered this type of control in a managed hosting plan.

Cloud hosting, which is decentralized, reduces the chance for business disruptions due to local power losses or weather extremes. In addition, recipients of cloud hosting are only charged for the services they use versus a flat fee. However, because cloud hosting is decentralized, there can be more concerns regarding security. 

Create a Website: The Easy Way


Using a Website Service

There are a lot of reasons to need to make a website. You might want it for informational purposes. You may need it to post something academic in nature. Usually, people start business to either promote them, or the ad revenue is a business in and of itself. 


Whatever your purposes are for building a website, there are different ways to go about it. There is no one set way to do it, but people tend to think it is harder than it really is. 

How you set up your website will largely depend on what you want to do with it.

For Simple Purposes

Many simply want their website to help them create a base of information. A website is an excellent place to keep information about your business, special cause, or hobby.

For instance, if you are simply looking to create business cards, and then have a web address on the card, that would prevent you from having to dispense flyers or brochures. Also, if you have a particular hobby or academic subject that you need to constantly have a place to go in order to display your information, a simple website is a great way to accomplish this task. From there, you can post videos, text, sound bytes, and other media options that will prevent the need for you to carry it on your person or on your hard drive. This can be a place that anyone can go to in order to be informed. Because of this, you might not necessarily want to put a whole lot of effort into your webpage, as the subject matter should speak for itself.

This method is the easiest way to go, but it is not necessarily the cheapest. Keep in mind that there are other cheaper ways, but this will take the least amount of web knowledge and work. This method on how to create a website will run you roughly $30 USD per month if, depending on certain services and extras.

The First Step

Your first order of business will be to register your domain name. A domain is basically carving out your own space on the World Wide Web. This is the place that people will type into the search bar or URL bar in order to find you. For instance, it is the “.com” or “.org” that is what you will be setting up for this step.


In order to make a website, you will need to go to a service such as, or From there, all you need to do is go to their domain registration part of the webpage. Once you are there, you can choose from several options on how you want to register you domain name.

Do keep in mind that in “the easy way” you will want to stick to the same service for your domain name registration as you would in your hosting and website creation. The same company providing all these services might not only give you a deal on a bundle, but you will also be able to take advantage of ease of use. In addition to that, you might be able to receive extra promos and coupon codes.

In order to register, you will have to provide various information about choosing your domain name, information about the entity under which you hope to register, and last, payment information.

Arguably, you domain name is the most important part about your website. If you have a domain name that is not connected with your subject matter, then it will be more difficult to find it if you want to make a website searchable. Also, if you have a good website name that is a “.com” in mind, and that is taken, you can also chose from “.org”, “.biz”, “.info”, etc.

Overall, the domain registration will cost you roughly $10 USD per year, as this will always be the cheapest part of creating a website.

After Your Registration

Once you’ve registered your domain name, in this step on the “create a website” tutorial, you will want to then follow the steps on hosting and ultimately website creation.


This part is still very easy, as a service like will walk you through all the steps.

Hosting is simple, as it is basically using a part of a server that will be a space for you to work on your website. Now this has a tendency to run you about $10 per month, if you don’t receive any extras. This part is simple, as it essentially just gives you a space where you can upload your info and codes.

It is important to note that they will be providing you with a PIN, and a Username and Password. You need to keep this information secure, as this is the most important information you can retain in creating a website.

Website Creation

If you are creating a website the easy way, you can utilize many services that will make it a snap, and you will be able to have the whole thing up and running within the course of an afternoon, if you have all your info readily available before hand.
All that is necessary in creating your own website this way is that you need to use their website wizard option. This will give you a program whereby they will provide a website builder that you can utilize with simple design tools. You don’t have to know any codes, html, or other technical data, as it is basically just text entering, cut and paste, and drag and drop actions that are required for the building process in creating a website. For instance,’s Website Tonight program is very simple to use and you can even easy drag drop in YouTube videos. This means that you don’t even have to know html, but you can include the YouTube URL, and past it into their program. Simply place where you want the video to sit in on the page and there you go.


Using this service might cost you an additional $10 per month, but the ease of use may be well worth it. Not everyone needs an elaborate setup for creating a website, and this provides a simple option.

How to Make a Website for Free


It has always been said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Indeed, with economies crashing down, unemployment rates rising, and people running out of cash, freebies are just too good to be true these days. However, it is also true that free websites can be obtained and it is possible to create and maintain a site without having to spend anything on domain name registration and monthly hosting. One can sign up for free web hosting and free web pages can be updated any time with new information.


Free Website hosting is applicable to the following basic websites which can be completely free:
  • Personal Websites – web pages created by individuals showcasing personal information and often used for entertainment purposes.
  • Family Websites – usually created by families to keep members connected through sharing of family photos, keepsakes, and genealogy to preserve family history in the process.
  • Special Occasions or Announcement Websites – websites for special occasion announcements such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like.
  • Hobbyist & Special Interest Websites – websites created by people sharing the same hobbies and special interests.
  • Clubs, Organizations and Associations – websites dedicated for various organizations mentioned.

Word of caution against free websites and free web site hosting

Alas, there is, indeed, no such thing as a free lunch. When somebody offers you a free website, you will be required to sign up before you can start building yourown website. Once you sign up, you may find yourself committed to extra costs and hidden charges imposed by the provider. Here are some other problems you might belatedly encounter:

  • Intrusive pop-up windows and banner ads
  • The free website does not include a free domain name
  • The good features are a part of a premium package you have to pay for
  • The need to use the online point and click tools provided by the free service in creating your own site
  • Unreliable technical support
  • Difficulty in switching to other host service providers
Since free websites are not really free in the real sense of the word, it is best to register your own domain name to get your own web address. This way, your website will not be at the mercy of the company which provides your free website. When the provider decides to implement changes, your website will be safely intact.

Create Your Free Website


The first thing to do in creating a free website is to choose a free web host. In choosing a free web host, you need to consider the following:
  • The purpose of your website should be compatible with the capabilities of the free web host.
  • Does the free web host offer an easy builder system for beginners?
Most site builders of hosting companies work only on that company’s server making it impossible for your site to be moved to another host without rebuilding it from scratch.
  • Will the free web host allow you to get email through your website’s domain name? It’s best to choose a host which provides unlimited autoresponders so you can stay in touch with your visitors or potential customers.
  • Does the free web host provide enough space for your website’s growth?
  • Does the free web host provide enough speed for faster loading?
  • If you’re planning a website that will generate a lot of traffic, free hosting is not advisable.
You should be able to choose a web host that would suit your needs and provide the technical support you need.

The next step is to build your website.


The simplest way to build your website is to use your web host’s free website builder, that is, if they have one. If not, you will need some type of web building software available from outside sources.

In building your website, you need to keep in mind some reminders:
  •  Keep your web site simple but eye pleasing. Avoid clutter and unpleasant fonts and color.
  • Avoid blaring music or sound on your site that might startle people away.
  • Avoid slow loading graphics on your page. People will not stick around to wait for the loading.
  • Show your visitors what your site is all about in a glance.
  • Avoid annoying pop-ups on your site which tend to annoy people.
The third step in creating your free website is to upload your website to your web host account. Some call this “publishing your website”. If you are using your web host’s website builder, your website files will automatically be on your web host’s servers. You can do this just by clicking a button.

If you’re using an independent software website builder, just log on to your web host account and click the upload button.


Now that you have created your own website for free, you may want to use it now to start a small business, or to start a blog. Whatever you decide to do with it, always remember to evaluate your web site periodically. Make the necessary improvements to update it. 

Remember the purpose you had in mind when you created it. Make sure your web site has personality so as to attract visitors. Design is just as important as the content. Make it simple yet elegantly attractive. Always remember that a great website shares meaningful and useful content that gives information, entertainment, and satisfaction.

Dec 15, 2012

Social Media - A Massive Communication Tool

Media is a tool for communication. As the name implies, social media is also a tool which is used for communication. Social media turns ordinary communication into an interesting interactive dialogue with the help of the latest web and cellular (mobile) technologies. It allows the exchange of user generated content using various internet based applications. Social media act as a tool which is merely used for social interaction rather than social communication. With the emerge of social media into the communication platform it has made substantial changes not only to the communication between individuals but also various communities as well as many other organizations.


Social media is two way street where you can access many information and also respond to those facts. Facebook, Orkut, Google+ etc are examples of social networking sites. Twitter is an example for blogs, Wikipedia is an example for collaborative projects, YouTube is an example for content community, World of Warcraft is an example of virtual game world, whereas Second Life is a virtual social world. Most of these social communication media networking services can be integrated into a single platform via a technology known by the name social network aggregation.



Facebook was launched in February 2004. This popular social networking site was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has over 750 million users. In Facebook a user must set up a personal profile, adding other friends as their Facebook friends, sending messages, passing automatic notifications when they update their Facebook profile, make comments on their friends’ profile. Users can join interesting groups which are formed within the Facebook site.



Twitter facilitates sending and reading messages or posts up to 140 characters which are commonly known by the name ‘tweets’. It was created in March of 2006 by Jack Dorsey and was launched in the July of the same year. It is a popular site with over 220 million users. Twitter handles over 200 million tweets in a single day which are known as SMS of internet.



Orkut is another social networking site operated by the Google corporation. It was popular once before the launch of Facebook. This site was made to meet your old friends as well as to maintain our existing friendships. This site was named after its creator itself- OrkutBuyukkokten. It’s less popular in US, but more popular in Latin American countries and also in India. Now Google plans to make Brazil the headquarters of Orkut.

The latest entry to the social networking realm is Google+, which is also another invention from Google Inc. In Google+ each user can maintain their friends into various circles like relationships, family, friends etc.

Dec 14, 2012

Sheer SEO Review: Monitor Your SEO campaigns more effectively

Few days ago while surfing online I came across an amazing online SEO tool - SEO software. This online SEO software has ability to manage and monitor almost all of your search engine optimization activities and campaigns. Makers of this tool are succeeded in designing an all-rounder online SEO software to fulfill all your SEO needs at one place.

SheerSEO is powered with many feature, I am going to discuss a few bellow that I found most promising, unique and useful.

Track Rankings:

In this highly competitive era of internet marketing every blogger and webmaster is behind his targeted keywords. SheerSEO provides a highly efficient 
serp tracker to track keyword rankings in SERP’s in real time. You just have to add your targeted keywords to the rank tracking module of SheerSEO and it will keep track of your websites ranking for those keywords in real time. You can add multiple websites and multiple keywords for each website in your SheerSEO account.


Main Referrers:

As name suggests this module of SheerSEO lists all the main referrers to your website. These referrers are listed and sorted on the basis of the amount of PR juice they are passing to your website. This feature lists nofollow as well as dofollow referrers, however the nofollow referrers doesn’t passes any link juice to your target url. All the dofollow referrers are responsible for the current pagerank of the target url. 


Note: Pagerank of target url can’t be justified 100% by the dofollow backlinks pointing to it as there are always some Google’s reducing factors in action which leads your target url holding less PR than the real PR that should be justified by the dofollow backlinks pointing to it.

Social Profile of your website:

Social module of SheerSEO keeps track of the the social share counts of your website. It tracks facebook shares, likes, twitter tweets and social bookmarking status of your website. It gives you not only current social statistics but also past social statistics for your website.

Content Benchmarking:

Content Benchmarking is an awesome on page SEO tool offered by SheerSEO. Under this module you need to add a webpage and explicitly define the keyword that you are targeting on the webpage. Now content benchmark will analyze that webpage and will compare it with the top results in Google for that keyword and thus it will suggest you how you can improve your content to beat those top result pages in google search engine.

content benchmarking

The idea behind this feature is that your webpage should cover all the important points that the top results in Google have for that particular keyword.

Directory Submission:

Sheer SEO also provides directory submission service. Its directory submitter is extremely fast and very handy to use. You just need to create a profile for your target website, and select directories to submit your website, rest all work will be done by the directory submitter itself. Its directory database is extremely huge with directory pageranks ranging from PR0 to PR5.


Hope this review has helped you to better understand this online SEO software. As SheerSEO provides a 60 days free trial, I will like to suggest you to give it a try to experience its power. Post trial period you can further use it at a nominal cost of 10 USD per month which definitely worth it.

Get Paid Per Lead With T3Leads

You might have surely heard the term affiliate marketing in which you can some commission out of every sale. Many people are earning large amount of bucks through affiliate marketing. But how it would be if you able to earn money easier than this. Now I have better alternative for you where you are paid for each sign-up and not each sale. And the network that can help you earn easily without even selling their product is T3Leads.

What is T3Leads?

T3Leads is a Pay Per Lead affiliate network for payday loans and insurance vendors. Beside their pay per lead program T3Leads also give webmasters a opportunity to monetize their sites via pay-per-click advertising solution.

T3Leads is one of the best CPA program that can help you earn a lot of money by both their programs i.e pay per lead system and pay-per-click system. The payment is also done on bi-weekly basis with payment modes Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, ACH.

How To Make Money Using T3Leads?

The question that might be striking in your mind is that how could you make money with T3leads?

Earning money with Affiliate marketing had never been easier. You must get a confirmed sale of the product you are promoting to get paid but that’s not in the case of T3leads.

In T3leads you are simply paid for each lead i.e. per each sign-up. You don't need to sell their products and I think this is the best part of T3leads.

First of all you have to sign up for T3leads affiliate program and then you just need to promote their site and send visitors to their express signup page and for this purpose you can use various type of banners, text link etc.

But you need to make sure that people fill in their correct details and sign-up for the programme. If this is done, then you are paid some cash for this. But this doesn't mean that you can use this system to generate extra money by filling in details yourself as T3leads keep a strict eye on everything and your account may even be suspended if you indulge yourself in any of illegal activities.

T3leads consumer support is also worth appreciation. As soon as your account gets approved you are allotted a personal account manager whom you can consult anytime you face any problem

T3leads use their own sites to generate leads for merchants and affiliates and you have to promote these sites to get paid. These sites include Payday loan and Insurance sites.


However there is no fixed amount that you will get per each lead. But as it related to insurance and loans, you will surely get a good amount of money for each lead.

I hope everything is clear to you and you must be surely willing to join this awesome program. Then what are you waiting for? Be fast and join this awesome pay per lead program and start making large bucks using T3leads.

Dec 12, 2012

How to Make a Website – A Basic Guide for Beginners

Making a website can be an intimidation proposition for many people who are not familiar with how to get started. The good news is that with the technology that has emerged and the various web platforms available to assist new website owners this is a step that can be very easily and even enjoyable, allowing website owners to impose their creativity and design skills on an easy to use web platform. 


There are many options available to first time website developers and the option that is right for each person depends on their current capabilities and know how in using the web. For beginners, choosing the right platform to use is essential in enabling website owners to build a website that fits their own individual needs.

Why You Need a Website

In today’s fast paced, well connected world having your own personal website or a website for your business is becoming a necessity. The first place many people go today to search for a person or business is online and having a hub that can draw in people who are looking for you is becoming more important every day. Having a site that you can draw people into can enable you to build a base where you can draw your audience or customer base through other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Having a place that you can setup as your landing spot for your online marketing or networking activities is an essential when trying to build a web presence.

The Top Low Cost Website Platforms

Whether you are an individual or a small business owner there are great platforms available that can help you to create a website that fits your individual needs. Creating a website using platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace or Google Blogger can enable website owners to have a free or low cost platform that is easy to use and can built in very little time. 


These are providers that enable users to create their own websites with easy to use point and click platforms that make it easier to create your own website. Many of these sites have a 5 step guide, or similar tutorial that will allow website owners to learn how to use the specific platform that they choose to incorporate with their website. If you are using a less user friendly platform and having trouble making your website, it may be a good idea to take a trial run on these platforms which are much easier to use.

The Platforms for Web Developers

If you are hiring a web developer or have experience in writing code, there are other platforms that may be more suited for your website. While both WordPress and Squarespace are set up to enable users to write their own code, these are platforms that are more designed for point and click web builders. For tips on how to make a website with other platforms that enable you to write code, simple do a web search of the top low cast website hosting companies. To make a website that allows for your own custom domain, you must first find a domain registrar and find a domain that is currently available for sale. Upon buying the domain it is then possible to point the domain to whichever platform you choose to use in developing your website.

Small Business Websites for E-commerce

If you are looking to set up an e-commerce website for your small business, there are many different things that you will need to understand. Platforms such as Shopify, Ebay stores and Yahoo Stores enable small business owners to sell their products to consumers through their own personal customizable web store. The main thing to consider here is the freedom in which you are able to operate on these platforms as some allow for more customizable elements than others. Shopify is without question the most easily customizable platform and this platform also allows for integration to a variety of different e-commerce plug-ins such as Amazon fulfillment and PayPal Payment processing.

For beginners looking for a flexible platform with great tutorials that will coach them in how to create a website that will enable them to sell their products online, Shopify is a great platform to use. Ebay Stores and Yahoo Stores are also interesting platforms to utilize as well and clearly with the backing of such large company’s behind them, they are a great way to draw traffic to your e-commerce website. Many companies will choose to implement a strategy that uses more than one of these platforms. For example this may be a small business that runs their main website through Shopify, yet also uses an Ebay store to reach out to consumers that are looking to purchase on the Ebay website.

Get Your Website Started Today

The best thing that you can do to begin building your web presence today is to choose a platform and begin building your website today. There are great platforms available to you that can make your web building process very easy and there are support systems in place through many of these platforms that enable you to solve issues that may arise along the way. 


Whether you are looking to build your own personal site or if you are trying to build a quality e-commerce site for your small business, the aforementioned platforms will allow you to create a dynamic, user friendly website that will project a professional image to your audience. By reserving your domain, Facebook fan page and Twitter account and directing them to your website, you will be able to advance your online marketing or networking activities exponentially and gain a following that keeps up to date on what is happening with you or your business. In today’s changing environment this is essential in getting you or your business consistently in front of the most eyeballs as possible, creating a web presence for people to find you from anywhere in the world.