Do You Use Statistics on Your Blog? Consider an Infographic
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Nov 16, 2012

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Do You Use Statistics on Your Blog? Consider an Infographic

If you need to convey statistics on your blog, it’s important that you illustrate the data in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand. Internet users are fickle, and if you present your statistics in a way that is confusing, they can and will click away in a matter of seconds. Using infographics will allow you to present your information in a way that is visually interesting and will keep visitors on your blog, as well as encourage them to share the data with other Internet users.


Compelling Visuals

Infographics combine data such as statistics with striking art and imagery. Infographics give you the opportunity to integrate color, brand logos, and themes into your statistics. Your statistics can be layered on top of relevant stock images or graphic design, which helps give context to your data in addition to adding visual interest to the blog. Because an infographic is more attractive than a standard chart, visitors are more likely to devote time to reading it. 

Easy to Scan

Infographics call out only the most important data in your statistical analysis or research. As a result, they are easy to scan for certain statistics and numbers. Unlike a standard chart, which requires a reader to look for a particular cell that contains the data they need, an infographic allows the reader to quickly scan for a key word or number. When your readers find it easy to sort through the information, they’re less likely to get bored or frustrated and move on to the next blog.


Promotes Learning

Most people are visual learners, meaning that they absorb information more quickly through an image than strictly by reading text. While text is essential, as it conveys a specific message and clarifies your imagery, using an infographic to present your statistics takes advantage of the visual learning style. A striking infographic can make an effect in a matter of seconds, where a standard graph containing only text may take a few minutes to read and comprehend. Infographics help your readers retain the statistics you present in their memories.

Go Viral

Because infographics integrate imagery and good information, they are more likely to go viral. Even if it contains useful information, a standard chart or graph is very unlikely to be shared over social media or email. On the other hand, a good infographic may very well be shared on social media sites or other websites. As long as the graphic always links back to your blog, infographic sharing is an excellent way to increase the amount of traffic that your blog receives.

Increases SEO

The more people who link to your infographic, the higher the likelihood that search engines will increase your page rank. Search engines will see your blog as more important because links to the blog appear on multiple websites. Thus, using an infographic to represent your data can result in your blog coming up higher in search results for relevant key words. Including the name of your site on the infographic can drive even more traffic to your blog.


Infographics give you the best of both the artistic and empirical data worlds. By representing your statistical information on a visually interesting infographic, you make it easier for readers to grasp your point and more likely that they will share it with others. Utilizing infographics on your blog will improve your reputation as both a thought leader and savvy Internet resource. When it comes to increasing brand awareness and making your blog aesthetically pleasing, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to integrate infographics into your posts. 

Check out this video here, How to create infographics free online.



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