How to Get More Like's to a Facebook Fan Page
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Nov 5, 2012

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How to Get More Like's to a Facebook Fan Page

just went from zero people 'Liking' our Facebook page to over 500 'Likes' in less than 3 days. The page is growing at an incredible rate! How can you achieve the same growth rate? 


We have a few ideas:

1. First focus on the Facebook Network

The nice thing about Facebook, is that once someone Likes your page, all of their Facebook friends immediately see it and they check out your page and may Like it as well. This produces a nice viral effect that allows you to quickly add new Likes to your page.

It is best to find multiple influential users and users with large groups of friends to invite all of their friends to become fans of the page. If you can get 20 people each to invite 100 users, and encourage those users to invite their own friends, you’ll start to see growth.

Contests are a great way to grow your fan base very quickly. Give away a gift certificate or technology gadget. Hold a drawing that ends in 30-45 days and encourage your users to invite their friends to Like your page.


Make sure your that people who don't yet Like your page do not land on your Wall. The wall is very boring and many people don't know what to do once they get there. Create a custom page where people will land. That page needs to tell them exactly what to do (click the Like) button.

2. Move Fans from Facebook

Once you have fans, move them from Facebook (which you don't control) to a site that you do control such as a blog.

 Do you have a blog? If not, start one now. Start to call them to action to join your fan page. Add links to your blog sidebar, give your visitors a distinct call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Put a link to your page in your email signature, blog signature, and anytime you post comments on a related blog. Once you have them in Facebook, direct them to subscribe to your blog, an environment you can control. The control is key.

This is where SEO/social media really start to pay off. Users are going to be more valuable if you can get them to a place where it’s all signal and no noise (Facebook’s signal to noise ratio is terrible).

3. Update your Facebook page at least 3 times per week


Fresh content on the page provides ample opportunity for user interaction. The more they interact, the more their friends will see the interaction and the viral effect will kick in.

Some other ideas:

  • Buy targeted advertising on Facebook’s platform 
  • Leverage your offline networks (TV/newspaper/magazine ads, etc.) 
  • Run a contest/promotion offline of Facebook, yet encourage users to become a fan during the promotion process (since there is quite a bit of red tape to actually run promotions on Facebook fan pages themselves) 
  • Create some unmissable content published exclusively on your Facebook fan page 
  • Frequently make special offer announcements and even new product announcements through the page first 
  • Hire a community manager to implement ongoing growth opportunities across all your social channels 
  • Buy Google ads to drive traffic directly to your Facebook fan page 
  • End your press releases with your Facebook fan page link 
  • Provide talking points to publicized team members to say become a fan in Facebook during interviews 

There are many other ways, but this should be enough to get you started. There are also many reputable social media marketing companies that can help you get the most out of your social media campaign.


Mahesh Verma said...

Cool Information and valuable tips thanks for sharing this :)

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