How you can use wireless connection without fear of hack?
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Oct 18, 2012

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How you can use wireless connection without fear of hack?

Wireless has developed a lot in the last 10 years of time. This has brought a lot of convenience in sing the Internet at home and at workplace simultaneously. The wireless connection allows computers to interact with each other, access internet using only one common radio link which is similar to that of a cordless phones. They have developed themselves in the most modern way. The speed which they provide is incomparable with the wired connections. But there are many risks that an individual faces while using a wireless network. The biggest threat while using the wireless network connection is that anyone who is within the range of a particular wireless connection can interrupt the signal and can receive and send mails using the same frequency.

This particular usage of wireless by another user without any notice can create threat or risk in 3 spheres:-

  • A hacker gets an easy access to your network and can easily go through your computer, PCs and laptops without your concern. This makes all the data and contents available to them.
  • A hacker can easily get through the conversation that is being taken place. These conversations may be personal information, passwords, bank account numbers and other codes which are needed for accessing purposes. Theft is quite inevitable in cases like this.
  • Many people can use your wireless connection at free of cost. This is often known as free-loading or wardriving.

Majority of the networks are not protected from all these problems. But one should always take the basic measures to protect the wireless from the related threats. Some of the most common ways to protect the wireless network are:-

  • Conceal all the transmissions. The equipment user guide will help to set up such a configuration that will protect the wireless connection from being shared with others.
  • Using a good firewall service also protect the wireless connection. A firewall acts as a barrier between the user and the public or third party use.
  • Strong and tough passwords should be used to protect the wireless connection.

One should be much aware while using a Wi-Fi connection in public places like library, cafes, and colleges and so on:-

  • Always be there with the computer that you are using.
  • Be aware of people who always try to check your password in some way or the other.
  • Opt for those cafes that provide clean disk system as they are the safest thing that one can opt for in public.
  • Delete all cookies, temporary internet files and history of your browsing after you are done with your browsing in a public place.
  • Changing passwords and codes of certain accounts is a good idea after they are being used in the public.

These are some of the safest way on how one can access Internet and wireless connection without any trouble.


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