Should you Use PLR articles in Your Article Marketing Campaign
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Oct 24, 2012

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Should you Use PLR articles in Your Article Marketing Campaign

You may not believe it and you may not even want to hear of it, no matter what, you cannot use PLR anymore, you must use content that is 100% UNIQUE and that is why you need SEO and content writing.

You just cannot afford to do without a good SEO article writing service

Gone are the days when you could buy PLR or get it free from somewhere, just edit it and post it on your website or article directories. The new rules of Google have changed all that.


If you post it on article directories – the good ones – they will not accept it. If you post that PLR on your website or blog, Google will punish you. The bottom line is that PLR is of just no value anymore and if people are still selling you that hype, then you can bet on it that you are being conned.

To succeed online you need SEO and content writing, not PLR

You can no longer promote your online business using PLR. These PLR are already used and overused by people on their blogs or websites, as well as in article directories. Thus, by using the same old stuff, in no way are you promoting your online presence, in fact you are just destroying it.


Thus, you are causing yourself more harm than anything by doing so. And for what? Why do you need to use this PLR? The whole purpose of writing is to establish yourself as an expert in that arena. If you are going to use articles that have already been used and reused, how do you think people are going to recognize and accept you as an expert?

But with web content writing services you can create a name for yourself

Instead of using PLR, why not use content that is 100% unique? Is it that you do not know how to write? Or perhaps you do not have the time or the inclination to write? Not an issue, just get SEO and content writing to do the job for you.


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