Mobile SEO: Future of SEO Niche Marketing
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Oct 15, 2012

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Mobile SEO: Future of SEO Niche Marketing

Day to day increasing number of internet users those searches on their smart phones, Iphones, and Ipads makes sense that SEO consultants should have a look towards the Mobile SEO. Mobile SEO industry is growing with a tremendous speed as peoples are getting their hands on smart phones. Up to the mark mobile SEO is handling about 15% of market. This forces SEO consultants to implement Mobile SEO to keep pace with the growing markets globally. 


According to Google, mobile search is one of the fastest growing search forms which have been increased by over 10 times from last few years. This massive growth makes search engines to think about undertaking the adaptations in search engine results to make up with the change to facilitate this new type of audience.

How Mobile SEO does affect your SEO?

A very little information is available on how to SEO for mobile yet, this is because smart phones are introduced in common man’s life just few years ago. This has made mobile SEO extremely essential if you don’t want to miss your 15% of traffic flat.

However, you can still easily incorporate Mobile SEO into your search engine optimization strategy, to optimize your website for both of the desktop search and mobile search. While implementing Mobile SEO for niche markets Google Mobile keyword tool will help you a lot by informing you what keywords are getting searched more from mobile searches. It’s not affordable at all for an internet marketer to avoid mobile SEO, as it is expected that they will account for 15% of searches – which an Internet marketer definitely will not want to miss out.

According to SEO experts, mobile search engine optimization has several benefits which are as follows,

  • It has ability to increase your audience by about 15% flat. 
  • It will definitely increase your click through rate and thus earning from your website. 
  • Mobile users as compared to pc users spend more time on web page as its less handy to browse from mobile than from pc, this will make mobile users to stay on your website for extended time intervals.
  • Now a day peoples want to stay connected to internet 24/7 and only mobile can fulfill this need. Thus mobile SEO is one of the great way to establish your business online and engage with a huge targeted audience. 

Mobile SEO is now emerging as more important game play to make up with the pace of competitors. Every internet marketer now needs to implement mobile SEO for his online business to sustain in this highly competitive era. 

Now you will also need to think about creating a phone compatible version of your website to attract your piece of mobile audience. Mobile SEO can be a great strategy to defeat your competitors when they are sleeping.


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