Kobie Alchemy: The engine that Drives your Success [Review]
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Oct 15, 2012

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Kobie Alchemy: The engine that Drives your Success [Review]

Kobie Alchemy is nothing but one of the leading industry that supports loyalty program initiatives in almost all of the countries over the globe. In a recent Forrester Wave™ report, Forrester Research, Inc. has ranked Kobie Marketing on first place in its breed for its cutting edge technology and efficient program management services. Kobie Customer loyalty marketing program will provide you highly developed capabilities in the sense of level of knowledge. It will also provide the systems in hosted environment at very affordable prices, even they will be cheaper than in-house approaches. 

Kobie Alchemy is able to fulfill all of your loyalty technology needs, it can provide solutions for almost any of your loyalty program.. 

Why Kobie Alchemy is a best of breed program?

The success of Kobie Alchemy lies in its seamless and flexible features which are as follows,

Provision of Customized solutions for any Industry:

Kobie technology platform is able to build and can completely customize an efficient loyalty platform solution for your industry by keeping all the needs of your business in the mind.

Kobie technology platform ensures that you receive:

  • Operational Reporting 
  • Seamless Integration 
  • Up-time and Fraud Prevention 
  • Flexibility in Messaging 
  • Unmatched Batch Processing 

Flexible technology and seamless integration:

Kobie technology platform provides a seamless architecture across all of the clients and also offers SaaS as well as licensing solution. It is also able to provide customized solutions for large organizations that will save you hours of development out of the gate. 


They can execute or support almost any combination of tasks associated with managing your loyalty program completely.

Channels enhance loyalty experience:

Kobie technology platform is able to capture brand interactions that drive the behaviors and profitable results for any of the loyalty approach. It provides three kinds of loyalty approach viz. one, multiple, or omni channel loyalty approach without compromising efficiency of program.

Ability to track every aspect:

Kobie technology platform provides systematic reports, insights and analysis about the performance of your program which helps you to get quick answers of some important business questions. This is implemented by offering online access, ad-hoc querying and user friendly, flexible and highly interactive dashboards.

Delivering the highest levels of security protections:

Kobie technologies provide benefits to each of their clients from their quality controls and operational effectiveness. They also provides affordable hosting services and highly secure data operations.


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