How to Build a Successful Brand
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Oct 24, 2012

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How to Build a Successful Brand

Building your brand ensures you success and longevity in this business. But what does branding really mean?


It’s a word tossed around by marketers so much it’s lost its meaning. But what it really comes down to is your perceived identity. How are you viewed by your clients and the public? What sort of image do you put forward? This is branding.

So how does this relate to being a PSO?
As a phone sex operator, you get calls every day from clients looking for a wide variety of things. But the common denominator is you. Whether it’s your look, voice or superb pso skills, they are coming to you. 
Developing a smart brand helps retain customers and earn you more money! 

So how should you start?

1. Assess Your Character

Your character IS your brand, so take a good, hard look at ‘her’ strengths and weaknesses. Does she naturally come off more submissive than dominant? Do you find the majority of your clients are fetish-oriented? A good character assessment will help you to determine what direction your branding should take.

2. Examine Your Options

There are so many marketing tools out there that it may overwhelm you. Start small. If you have email capacity, that’s where you want to start to develop your brand. Likewise your pso ads (if you have control over them).


From there, you can branch out and look at social media like blogging and Twitter, as well as content-based branding like assignments, audio recordings and more.

3. Develop a plan

A plan is very important for brand building. Even a sparse outline can lead you in the right direction. Write down the steps you want to take to market yourself and the time it will take. Don't try to jump into everything at once otherwise you will get totally overwhelmed!

4. Start Branding!

Whether through email, blogging or special content, get yourself out there! Just remember, successful branding is not about quantity, but quality. One well written blog post is worth more than ten horrible ones.

Good luck!!


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