10 Vital Reasons Explaining Why Blogger Is Better Than Wordpress
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Oct 14, 2012

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10 Vital Reasons Explaining Why Blogger Is Better Than Wordpress

There is a big fight between e-blogging and WordPress in the world of internet. Both are better than the others in some cases. But one must choose one of those and he also has to specify reasons in favor of his choice. Blogger is a popular platform for blogging in the internet world. Now the question is why blogging is better than WordPress. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money sitting inside the home. But Blogger and WordPress have similar features in blogging field. Both of them do more or less same works in the internet. 


Here Are Some Reasons About Why Blogger Is Better Than Wordpress

1. The big advantage of Blogger is that one can easily connect with his Google account. Maximum number of people use this features provided by Google including Webmaster, AdWords and AdSense tools. One, who has a Google account, is able to login the website and that’s why Blogger is better than WordPress where one has to create a new id and password apart from the Google account.

2. Another most important reason is bloggers has been backed up by the world’s largest and most powerful online company. From the first Blogger has enhanced some very useful features like widgets, add-ons, and templates, whereas WordPress is still two or three steps behind Blogger.

3. One can easily change the visual appearances of his blogs in Blogger which is very easy to use. In case this field WordPress has some time taking functions which is a bit complicated than Blogger.

4. Due to backing up by Google, all the blogs of a man in Blogger has been well indexed in the search engines easily and much quicker also. Within a little hour of posting a blog, it has been optimized very fast to the search engines easily available online. This facility is also not available in WordPress.

5. The features of Blogger are much easier than Wordpress. One can easily handle blogger without any problem. But in case of WordPress, the features are much complicated than Blogger. Blogger is totally plug and play system for the new people.

6. By allowing the Google account’s used id and password, the signing up is just a matter of a minute. But in Wordpress, it will take too long to complete the Signup process. So Wordpress is also behind than Blogger in the signing up process.

7. Blogger has a system of signing in with multiple accounts from the same user, whereas Wordpress doesn't allow this.

8. Blogger is a one stop blogging for many new coming bloggers. That’s why it has a huge and one of the largest networks in the world of internet. But Wordpress is not as popular as Blogger still now. So Blogger gets the advantage in here also.

9. One can easily make money by writing blogs in the Blogger. But it is a bit difficult to earn through WordPress.

One can earn through pay-per-click service in Google AdSense which cannot be done in Wordpress.


Rahul Kashyap said...

Thanks For sharing Blogger Valuable Point in this post :)

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