Google +1 Search Engine Rank - What does it mean to Bloggers?
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Oct 15, 2012

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Google +1 Search Engine Rank - What does it mean to Bloggers?

Google +1 is an initiative taken by Google to make sure the best quality on the world wide web will come to the fore, Let’s be honest, this is going to have huge effects on every Bloggers, Website Owners and Webmasters as well, and so, each and every one of them are taking steps and measures to calculate and recalculate their gain.

So how does the Google +1 work?

When someone searches for something, they will see an Icon next to the result and they can choose to give a Like or a +1 to the blog or website. This seems almost like the Facebook Like button, but only here the likes or the number of + you get, the better your search engine results become and hence this will be of utter importance to Bloggers like you and me.

So what are the implications of the Google +1 Rule?

To put it simply, Google +1 rule will make sure the best Blogs or Websites come up to the top of the Search Results. This is a good thing, if you have great quality and already have a good place among SERPS and SEO, otherwise if no one can see you result, there will not be any chance of getting +1 will there?

So I would advice all bloggers and Website owners to get their act together and get some decent search engine positions or else you may lose out when this rule is put forth.

Also Bloggers will have to concentrate on more and more quality content as only quality will survive in this new Rule by Google, if it is implemented.

Also Bloggers and website owners who depend on Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook will lose out even more on Search Engine Rankings.

There has also been debate that this +1 may also impact the Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. I can believe the Google Pagerank thing, but I do not think it will have any impact on Alexa Rank system.

So what may be the Disadvantages of Google +1?

Some kind of spamming may arise, when people intentionally make many different accounts just to get more +1's. For this Google has also implemented another algorithm, which makes sure that accounts who in are in more peoples "circles" provide more effect when they +1 something.

It is a duty for all bloggers and blogging lovers to write quality content that others would like to +1 and share with their friends. If every blogger strives to improve the quality of their blogs, then there will be more and more competition and better results come to the first page of Google search.

This is vital for the growth of internet as people look for quality from the search indexes, not spam. So the +1 rule will help out good bloggers as well as people who search for good blogs. It will also ensure that bad and spamming blogs will be relegated to second and third pages of search results.


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