Top 10 Reasons why Blogging is considered to be the greatest marketing tool
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Sep 29, 2012

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Top 10 Reasons why Blogging is considered to be the greatest marketing tool

A blog which is actually a shortened or abbreviated version of web log is a very potential marketing tool these days and used heavily by all individuals and institutions alike to augment their revenues and promote their products and services across diverse consumer segments and across a large area. If you have a blog for your business it will go a long way in promoting your credibility as a tech savvy businessman. It helps in brand positioning, increasing your clientele, generating leads and opening the avenues of multiple channels of income.

10 best reasons why blogging is the most tech savvy marketing tool

1. Blogging is ideal for networking with new contacts. Blog as an online tool can help you to establish and get in touch with new contacts and prospects that might help you to gain access to untapped markets. You can place your brand in the hand of new customers and increase your goodwill.

2. Blogs helps you to build your credibility rapidly. Since most ISPs provide good speeds for a spectrum of online activities, you can post creative and catchy blogs and post them almost immediately that can be read by other bloggers around the world instantly. Create a niche market for your product or service in no time.

3. Professional blogging sites help in brand positioning. Since most sincere bloggers who are successful professionals in their own trades or position you would be better off post your blogs in such sites like Word Press or Bloggers.

4. Blogging regularly can keep recurring visitors hooked. If you are a regular blogger and post blogs almost every other day then you must be having a base of bloggers who eagerly wait for your blog posts. Keep your blogs refreshing by changing writing patterns and set up a good platform to receiving and transmitting blogs like RSS feeds.

5. Get suggestions and feedback through your business blog. If you pay heed to suggestions and feedback about necessary changes that you need to bring about in your products or services you will stand to gain. Having a blog is an ideal way for speedy interactions with your online customers.

6. Expect more traffic to your site through search engines. If you regularly keep updating your blog and use relevant keywords every time you promote your product, search engines like Yahoo or Google will be able to generate more traffic to your site.

7. Increase visibility of your product or service. Your blog has the option of taking the SEO route and you can use plug-ins to promote your product on Twitter or Facebook.

8. The flexibility and adaptability of a blog. There are many platforms where you send and position your blog but the Word Press platform is the top ranked platform and has more users than any other platform. Platforms help you to change your blog content to suit your needs.

9. Advertise your product or service through free press releases courtesy WordPress blog platform. Online press releases are costly so take the WordPress route.

10. Having a blog means keeping up with the Joneses. Having a blog means you’re up to date and will send the right message. 


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