Top 5 Business Benefits of Pinterest
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Aug 23, 2012

Pin It

Top 5 Business Benefits of Pinterest

With the prevalence of social services in different platforms in the internet, we always find ourselves surprised seeing new Facebook or Twitter posts from friends using apps that are new to us that we end up subscribing to it later on out of curiosity. And after proving the new social service popular and useful, we’d end up using it too leading to Facebook and Twitter posts about our activities with that social service and influencing our network of friends to check out that social service as well.


What is Pinterest?

Among the social media service that is becoming popular today is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website or application in a pinboard-style. It lets the account users to create and manage collection of images based on different categories such as interests, hobbies, etc. Users can also browse other pinboards from account owners with the same interest for reference or inspiration. They can also re-pin images in their own collections and express ‘like’ for some photos.

5 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Businesses

With the ability and purpose of connecting different people throughout the world through things that interest them, Pinterest can be beneficial for a business who decides to incorporate this social media application in their marketing activities. 

1.       Free promotion or advertisement – While advertisements such as TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, and billboards are costly and doesn’t target the potential market more precisely, Pinterest can be a form of advertisement that is free. By putting worthy and interesting content and images in the website, visitors who will become interested with the business’ products and offers will click the ‘Pin It’ button and referrals will start to roll.

2.       Serves as an instant portfolio for the business – Pinterest can serve well in representing a business. By creating an account and including images that will reflect the business well such as their products, the business’ store, different branches, people will have a quick idea as to what the business is about the products and their interesting offers.

3.       Serves as a source of information for the latest trend in the market – Businesses can search for the keywords that are often searched for and categories that are widespread. Businesses who are aggressive can integrate whatever is popular among the users in their products and service in order to get the interest of more consumers. 

4.       Gives the business an idea of what their competitors are up to – When in business, getting to know the competitors is as important as improving the products and services. And in doing so, a business will no longer have to be sneaky in checking out their competitor’s portfolio or what they are up to by checking out their competitor’s Pinterest pinboard. 

5.       Building connections – Pinterest gives the business an opportunity to connect with businesses in the same field, potential or seasoned suppliers and customers and much more. To make the most out of Pinterest, some businesses search for the most influential Pinterest users and make sure that they connect with them or encourage them to visit their pinboard for stuff that may interest the influential Pinterest user.


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