How to Create a Website in 6 Simple Steps
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Aug 18, 2012

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How to Create a Website in 6 Simple Steps

How to create a website? this is the very common question that each person gets in his mind at least once in his lifespan. Creating a website is not the easiest task in the world; however it's also not the toughest one. These days many online offline webpage editing tools available using which you can create and setup your website in minutes.

Today we are going to discuss how to create a website in 6 simple steps and here we goes,

Step 1: What you will be going to offer your visitors:

To start with creating your website the basic step is to decide the niche or topic of your website. Just think about what information you would like to share with your visitors. While creating a website you should have the only goal is to fulfill your visitor’s needs. Make sure your website content satisfies your visitors so that they will not only come back next time but also they will recommend your site to their friends.

Step 2: Finding best web hosting:

Once you have decided your goals and selected a proper niche, the next step comes is to find best web hosting company to host your site. Find a web hosting company that having a good reputation over the internet and also provides affordable hosting packages. However if you don't want to spend any money over hosting at all then you may choose from any of the free web hosting provider sites to get an initial start with your website.

Step 3: Initial Design and layout of your Landing page:

There are many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) webpage editors available to design your webpage layouts. A basic knowledge of HTML will make designing web pages using an editor an easier task. You can create a better site with little knowledge of HTML. Even if you are not familiar with HTML then still you can get started with the tutorials available online. Take benefit of those tutorial add a flavor of your own knowledge to it and you will see yourself emerging as a pro HTML designer.

Step 4: Final touch to the Landing page design:

Make sure your site is loading quicker and navigation is easier. Crosscheck each and every little detail on your webpage and always try to improve each and every section that you are checking. Make sure that the fonts are readable and the content is free from any spelling and grammar mistakes. Remember your sites design and layout should be pleasing to the eyes.

Step 5: Design the rest of lagging pages:

Once you designed your landing page, design rest of your lagging pages by taking reference of your landing page. Here using a CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) can make work faster. Also using CSS will facilitate any future changes to the website design.

You website is your front line and your motive behind creating it is attracting visitors that buy, so don't ever sacrifice the quality of your website.

Step 6: Submitting your web pages to the host:

Submit your website pages to your host after completing the editing and designing of your pages, submit them to your host, assign a domain name for your website and wait for them to be shown on the Internet. Regularly update you pages to ensure continuous flow of targeted audience. 

Was that much difficult? Have you realised it, your site is completed. Follow this easy 6 steps tutorial and your website will be alive. 


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