Social Media Marketing Definition
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Jul 26, 2012

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Social Media Marketing Definition

Social media marketing is a term that is increasingly being used by SEO experts. But what does it exactly mean? This is the process of advertising via social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter amongst others. By making use of the social facet of the internet, social media marketing will enable you to link and interact at a much more enhanced personal level compared to conventional marketing techniques.

Social media marketing strategies include creating a blog for your startup business, creating a Facebook or YouTube account and attaching social media handles (i.e. Twitter and Google +1) at the bottom of every article posted on the web.

Types of Social Media Marketing

The following are the different types of social media marketing that you can use to increase your presence online:


One of the easiest types of social media marketing is tagging articles as well as blog submissions for every entry and then allowing for voting on various social news websites, for example, Digg. This form of social media marketing can be automated with ease, thereby making it easy to utilize. Social news is recommended for companies as it makes it easy for them to endorse a blog with extreme ease.


Blogs have for a long time been utilized as extensions of conventional media. Most people have utilized blogs when it comes to reviewing products and services of a company. Before buying a digital product, most consumers like to read reviews posted by various consumers who have used such a product. Consequently, you can use blogs to write reviews of products and services being provided by your company.

Social Networking

The key to increasing your presence online is having an account with various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There are millions of people on social networks, thereby making it a useful tool to apply in your marketing strategy. The type of social networking site used will hinge on the kind of product that you would like to promote. For instance, if you are aiming to endorse a particular play, you can utilize Flixter other than MySpace to endorse it.

Social networking sites offer one a channel through which he or she can get the word out on a specific product or service while at the same time interacting with his or her potential customers. A majority of small and startup businesses are embracing social networking sites as a way of endearing themselves to customers.

Twitter is one of the social networking sites that have increased in popularity over the last couple of years. The simplicity of Twitter is what makes it one of the most preferred social networking sites.

Whereas Google has for a long time been used to increase one’s ranking on the internet, the emergence of social networking sites have also proved to be beneficial tools. It is for this reason that Google recently added to its growing list of products Google +1. This is a social networking site akin to Facebook and Twitter that increases your ranking every time a new user is added to your list.


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