How to Write a Killer Post both in terms of SEO and Readers
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Jul 29, 2012

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How to Write a Killer Post both in terms of SEO and Readers

Most of the bloggers are confused in between writing for search engines and readers. While readers require a fresh keyword free content without keywords the content wouldn't be listed in search engines and hence, no traffic would come up.
So, it's a great confusion on how to write a post that rocks both in terms of SEO and Readers. But, a 
mix-match post is the perfect one and here are few points to keep in mind to draft a perfect post. 

SEO and Readers


Make the most of the headlines. It's a must to insert your main keyword in the headline and that doesn't hurt the reader too as the boldness symbolises something unique and important. But make sure, you don't just ONLY INCLUDE KEYWORD in the headline but make the headlines interesting too.

For Example, if the keyword is "Define Cloud Computing" the perfect headline would be

7 Different Ways to Define Cloud Computing

If we would have gone for just the keyword, it would have remained just for the search engines to rank but would have surely lost the interest of the reader. So, it's important to the keep the readers in the mind too.

Learn from the Review Sites

There a lot to learn from Web 2.0 and review sites. People make thousands of $$$$ on them using just a single post (specially in case of Squidoo lens) . If you checkout review and web 2.0 sites like Hubpages, Ukritic , just notice the writing style of featured authors. There posts are so perfect that they rank in the search engines and they convert. By convert, I mean people read them and actually follow the advice of the author.

Select a Ratio

I have seen pro bloggers do this. They write a post for search engines and another for readers. So, the SEO optimised post achieve the rankings and bring in the traffic and the post written for readers impress them hence, decreasing the bounce rate adding to the following of the blog.
So, select a 50:50 ratio if you’re a mid blogger, a 75:25 ratio if you’re a newbie blogger and 25:75 if you’re a pro blogger (Ratio of SEO Posts : Ratio of Posts for Readers)

Readers Come First

If you're blog is already getting a  decent amount of traffic, you should focus more on content to readers. Remember Readers come first as the social metrics matter a lot nowadays. Readers alone can share and jump up the rankings of your post in search engines.

Google +1s, tweets are enough to rank high. If you checkout the top 10 rankings of Google for any search query, it has given much more emphasis on Social Metrics. So, write for Readers and Search Engine Rankings will automatically follow if readers like the content. 


Jeff Philandar said...

If our website getting well traffic than we should change our strategy and try to focus on online commerce content to readers. Try to give more time in writing a content.

Sean Rasmussen said...

Over optimisation is not right in the eyes of Google. Writing a very juicy article post will get you more views compared to an overly advertised article with keywords stuffed everywhere.

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