What is SEO and its Advantages
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May 12, 2012

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What is SEO and its Advantages

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is one of the process to create visibility of the site to the search engines. It is one of the important concepts and trend in market to make more visibility of the site and it is appropriate as many sites are using the same technique to reach on top. In this article, I shall be exploring about the 10 useful tips and advantages of the SEO.

Advantages of SEO (Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process that helps various websites to generate leads, sales and to build awareness among Search Engines about their existance in the blogosphere.

1. Low cost:

SEO is one of the low cost methods to increase the website ranking in different search engines. As it only requires some hard working of 2 to 3 people for more than 2 months, so we can say this is an inexpensive method.

2. Structured approach:

SEO is well defined and structured approach to increase the ranking. If we analyze the other methods, we can understand that the other methods are not so structured and needs more finance for improving ranking.

3. Continuous work to maintain ranking:

SEO requires continuous working of team efforts to maintain the ranking over the time period, if desired. As we know that this is one of the cheap solutions so almost every other person is using this, to avoid decrease in ranking, a team should maintain the efforts. This is the only solution to the problem because your website can face decrease in ranking if not taken appropriate measures.

4. Update about different trends in search engine:

As SEO is the task related to search engine so while doing this you get familiar with different new trends in search engines. This trend teaches you many things and you can take different strategic approaches on behalf of knowledge which surely gives you competitive edge on your competitors.

5. Update yourself about different search engines policies:

Different search engines make different policies and so when you are doing SEO, you get knowledge about those which help you in creating the strategies in future for other sites.
6. Gradual increase of ranking:
SEO is not the magical stick but it is slow while working. As crawlers of different search engine crawl you at different time so it is slow process to increase the ranking of site.

7. Number of keywords can be optimize:

The biggest benefit of the SEO is, you can optimize number of keywords against one site. If we compare it with any other method such as adword we got to know that, adword is very expensive as it charges one dollar per click. Automatically the number of keywords drops down due to which you can face less traffic on site.

8. SEO is not time bound campaign:

SEO is not time bound which means that you can do SEO at any time and can stop it as well. It is cheap so you can adopt any strategy at any time. If compared with other methods of optimization, they are time bound and not in your hands to apply different strategies.

9. Optimizes in different search engines at one time:

Through SEO you can optimize the website in different search engines so that you can reach up to more people who are using different channels to search you.

10. Create unlimited links without costing you:

While doing SEO you can create 1000s of back links which really cost you nothing but generates traffic for you which is beneficial way to sell product, service or idea on internet.


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