What is Google Penguin and Google Panda Penalty
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May 16, 2012

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What is Google Penguin and Google Panda Penalty

Panda and penguin penalty may be deadly for your website

Google has been an initiator and an unmatched leader in the world of internet. According to the latest research and statistics, Google has about two thirds that makes up approximately 66% of the total shares in the internet industry and has become the largest internet search engine. Google time to time updates its search engines quality. From the past recent years, Google has introduced some very complex updating systems which have revolutionized the ranking of the websites. Last year Google launched the wild panda update and this year, a penguin update has been introduced recently.

Why updates are required?

Google launches updates because of SEO that is search engine optimization. The idea of SEO is very old since the creation of the search engines. It’s about producing quality web content. It allows web users and bloggers to get their websites and blogs to a much higher ranking on the search engines. Google aims to provide the web users with authentic and good quality content instead of fake, copied content and low quality web sites that crash the web. Therefore, the need arises for a kind of filter that won’t let poor and low quality content to reach the readers.

Why panda and penguin updates affect websites

Google has always been struggling to filter the web adequately but it introduced major updates from last year with the launch of Google panda. During 2011, Google updated the ranking algorithm with the launch of Google panda which affected a number of websites. Similar to the Google panda, Google penguin has been launched this year which seems to be less dreadful than panda update. The basic purpose of these updates is to improve the quality of the content for web readers and filter out low quality bogus websites.

Google panda update

The panda update was introduced on 24th of February in the year 2011. It affected a large number of websites, and the whole structure of websites ranking was changed totally. Some websites were ranked up and some sites were dropped down depending upon the quality. After the launch of panda update, Google has made changes to this update almost thirteen times. According to an estimate, approximately 12% websites and blogs have been attacked by Google panda update.

Google penguin update

Like Google panda, Google penguin is another update that is launched on 24th of April this year (2012). The aim was to filter out spam websites, pages and blogs. Till date, it has affected around three percent of the total websites.

Google panda and Google penguin penalty

These updates are launched to discourage bogus and poor quality websites and to expose high quality websites to the readers. There are many reasons which can cause penguin or panda to attack your website. Once you are hit by panda or penguin, your website will vanish from the first pages and will be ranked lower, extremely affecting your profit.

Reasons for panda and penguin penalty

Reasons to get a panda or penguin penalty might be over or unnecessary Onpage search engine optimization, high keyword density, detection of unnatural links i.e. spam backlinks, copied material, high bounce rate, or malware on the site.

Remember!!!! let your writings be natural, don't try to optimize your content for Search Engines otherwise you will simply trigger the Panda or Penguin filters.


asif ali said...

yes but what can we do before these new Google updates we have to face these one's and protect our sites.
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