What are Pillar articles and how useful are they for Blog
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May 10, 2012

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What are Pillar articles and how useful are they for Blog

Pillar articles are not something that is known to every blogger or writer, and it doesn't hold any specific definition, but these are one of the important aspects in the development of the blog where content is to be focused on. The pillar articles are something like a tutorial, which has almost all the information that you would need in the topic being discussed. The news that any blogs write, cannot be considered as Pillar articles because they are for short-term and don't serve a long-term purpose. The higher the number of pillar articles, the quality of the blog gets better with that.

Pillar articles serve the following purposes

1. Pillar articles are many-a-times linked to link baiting, and they serve the same purpose. These kinds of articles bring in a more proportion of readers and the other sites start linking to them and so the Pillar articles are advantageous in both the ways.2. Even though the blog isn't actively present on the homepage of your blog, and goes down into the inner pages, the traffic rush doesn't get down to zero because for such kind of articles, the mentions from others keep sending at least some traffic.

3.The linking to Pillar articles not just helps in direct traffic, but later on the visitors would start coming in through Search Engines and this would keep the blog active with many potential returning visitors.

4. As the pillar articles are not dependant on the time, and are to guide people about something, they are always relevant and can be mentioned even after a long time of them being posted.

Which type of article is called a Pillar Article?

1. There is no categorization as such, but the general how-to guides which are quite lengthy and explain the entire stuff in a single page, are considered as Pillar Articles. It depends on the niche of the blog, on what you could call as a guide. If you are a blogger in the niche of marketing, you could explain how to do the large and small scale business, and this surely won't be a small guide.

2. Apart from those guides, the Pillar articles could even be those definition articles which explain about something. Being into a health niche, someone would write each of their article in a lengthy way, to explain any condition or disease.

3. If there is a procedure that needs to be explained, it would be a pretty long one and have the meanings of each and every term that is being used in the article.

4. One of the standard Pillar content areas is the online courses or survey reports. Many of the websites would give these in the form of a PDF file, but for those who prefer to post it directly on their blog, these are the potential pillar articles which are there are long-term usage. It isn't always a single article, but multiple ones interlinked to each other, and still are relevant to each other.

5. Lists are another form of Pillar articles. We won't be calling a small list of 5-6 related things in a list as a Pillar content, but there needs to be a pretty long and informative list, which many would regard as a "Flagship" for anything related to that topic which is being mentioned in that list. For example, if you are writing about 10 Personality Development tips, it should include those 10 definitive tips which people would tend to follow and feel that the articles is informative.

When would the Pillar Articles make an impact?

Pillar articles are not something that in a small number would be enough for the lifetime of the blog. You need to regularly write such kind of articles to take the blog quality and traffic to the next level. The regular articles and posts are written daily, but a pillar article with loads of knowledge need to be posted at least once a fortnight. You can’t rely on a couple articles for the inflow of traffic and links all the time.


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