Small Business SEO - Various Onsite And Offsite Techniques Every Business User Should Follow
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May 27, 2012

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Small Business SEO - Various Onsite And Offsite Techniques Every Business User Should Follow

A need of understanding the various SEO tools for proper web designing arises in front of the professionals. Henceforth, optimisation of local small business website is being carried out by them to get acquainted with the various SEO tools. Because of less competition and easier record maintenance, optimization for local search is a better way to learn SEO. Overall, it can be said that small business SEO is a bit slower process but it has its own advantages. It means that a lot of research has to be done onsite and offsite before applying any SEO methods. So, on this article, we are presenting some of the best great small business SEO tips for everyone wants to rank their business high on search engines. 


 It involves the following steps :

  • Completion of all the tasks mentioned in this checklist will enrich the skills of doing well in small business SEO.
  • One must set a proper goal why they are performing this SEO task.
  • The search queries such as the words typed in to the search engines to locate one’s company etc. should be noted down.
  • The selected keywords must be researched i.e. the ‘keyword tool’ and ‘ad text generator’ must be learnt to use.
  • During the above keyword research, the best keywords should be noted down.
  • The present SERPs for the selected keywords should be analysed.
  • A list of competitors should be created by using the information got from the previous steps.
  • Young site explorer should be used to get the sources of competitor links and it should be maintained so that it can be used later.
  • Then the next step should be to search for the client’s site using the site command on any of the search engines to see whether that site has been indexed or not.

Onsite SEO Techniques

  • Firstly the client should log in to its account and verify its contents using various SEO tools such as Google analytics, Webmaster tools etc.
  • Google analytics shall be allowed to run for two weeks before doing any SEO, so that adequate data could be collected and a record shall be maintained.
  • Design of the sites should be simply perfect because SEO will of no use for the terrible sites.
  • Websites compatibility between the different browsers should be verified.
  • A new e-mail address specific to the presently working site should be created so that this address could be used for carrying out the works related to the project, so that concept of link building can be employed.
  • HTML codes shall be verified and all the SEO related tags shall be optimized.
  • A decision has to be taken whether to depend on the algorithms of the modern search engines for the scanning of the websites or to develop their own Meta description.
  • The company address and phone number must be added on each page of the website.
  • Robots.txt should be used because it allows displaying those pages, which are exactly shown by the various search engines. Also due to robots.txt the pointing of search engines are made easy.

Therefore, these were the onsite SEO techniques to improve the web designing and henceforth contribute to small business SEO. 

Offsite SEO Techniques

  • Client’s business and website must be added to the major search engine’s local listings. This will definitely promote the small business SEO.
  • Also the client’s website must be added to industry specific directories.
  • A trial must be made to obtain the links, which our competitors have already got.
  • Ways should be found out to obtain more and more links because search engines are highly interested to see the local links pointing the locally targeted websites.
  • It should be decided whether the social media sites would be advantageous for the client’s website or not.
  • Creation and submission of sitemaps are necessary.
  • Client’s websites should be optimizer from Google’s point of view as it will allow image search and appropriate geographical target could be set.
A list of almost all the adequate steps has been made which can be required by the inexperienced SEOs to learn this so-called small business SEO.


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