Powerful SEO link building strategies
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May 27, 2012

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Powerful SEO link building strategies

In this Internet Era, SEO became an unseperable part of an Internet Marketer's life. SEO is a basic building block for the survival of every online business. To sustain an online business in this highly competitive online world various SEO link building strategies have been proposed. These SEO link building strategies are proven overtimes by numerous SEO experts through their case studies.

SEO link building

Performance of a website in SERPS depends on mainly two  aspects viz. Content and Backlinks.

Relation Between Content and Backlinks :

A famous statement among bloggers regarding to content is,

Content is the King!!

Well yes content was the most important aspect for online blogging success, it is and it will be always.
But a king is nothing without his army, in the same manner content is nothing without backlinks.

If content is your talent then Backlinks gives exposure to your talent, thus gives fame. Without backlinks your content will be undiscovered, then no mattter how quality it is, your efforts will be in vain.

Unique content is a king but backlinks are Pioneers of your blogging empire.

Powerful SEO link bulding strategies 

Now we will discuss some SEO link building techniques that works,

1. Niche Guest Posting :

Niche guest posting is one of the most important SEO link building technique.
Here I have explained proper way to do guest posting to get maximum  from it.

2. Wiki Backlinks :

Wiki articles submission is yet another most powerful SEO link building strategy.
Wiki backlinks are concidered as authority backlinks, Wiki backlinks helps to boost rankings in serps for your keywords very easily. Wiki inks should be grabbed on regular basis to keep your blog healthy in SERPs.
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3. Directory Submission :

Directory submission is one of the powerful SEO strategy.
Directory links needs to be approved before they get included in directories, this approval process makes directory submission a spam free SEO link building strategy, and due to approval process the links comes in slower and steady manner which makes them 100% safe.
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4. High PR Web 2.0 submissions :

Web 2.0 sites are authority website and so they have very high potential to pass authority to your websites.
Web 2.0 sites are widely used to implement effective seo techniques like Linkwheel and Link pyramids.
Linkwheels works great in ranking for your keywords in SERPs.
Check out these posts that may help you to understand Web 2.0 submission more precisely.

5. Other SEO link building Techniques :

Other link building techniques that still works are Press Release Submissions, Social bookmarking, Niche commenting.

Before proceeding towards linkbulding a proper keyword research should be done, remember choose keyword with low competition considerable CPC and traffic, by selecting a few right keywords and ranking them you can have boost in your Search engine Traffic.


Lia said...

I agree on you that the content was the most important aspect for online blogging success but without backlinks this will be nothing. So these two aspects, the contents and backlinks are very important to SEO link building strategies. Thanks for sharing.

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John Ernest said...

By Guest posting on another niche blog, you get to have a different audience that has the same set of interests. This would hopefully allow you to get them to read your blog and therefore increase your traffic. I understood all that, thanks!

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Smart Touch said...

these techniques are getting some how old. Focus on the quality backlinks more than quantity because most of Directory submissions websites has low quality and anything with high quality will cost you (unless you want to pay). Focus on Blog commenting and Guest posting, the techniques that Google won't hit in 2013 in any of it's update for the algorithm.
Thank you,
Marc A. Donald
Smart Touch

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