The One Mistake Beginner Bloggers Make
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May 9, 2012

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The One Mistake Beginner Bloggers Make

Blogging is becoming a serious competitive niche in India. With more and more youngsters and students taking up blogging as a part time option, it seems like you can consider blogging to be one of the highest growing niche in India.

But the question that comes to mind here is, are they doing it properly?

Do all these new comers to blogging really know what they do? Most probably the answer would be a definite no.

What mistakes do they do?

Some of them have come to blogging just with the sole aim of making money online fast. You can make money online, but you cannot make money overnight.

So to make money online overnight what they seems to do is just copy the content from another blog and paste it on theirs. Copy, paste copy, paste over. Yuu have a blog.

Some of them seem to be a bit sensible when they spin the articles from the original blogs and makes sure that they seem unique. But are they unique/ no. You would not go far with this type of structured blogging.

The unique content factor

Many newcomers to blogging do not have even the slightest idea of unique content. They would say what is unique content and many never try to learn the basics of blogging. Such bloggers get nowhere and you can soon see them chattering in various social networks and forums that you cannot make money with blogging. What they never did was they never tried to understand the concept of blogging in fact.

So the biggest mistake a new blogger will make is never trying to learn the basic concepts of blogging. Every other mistake that he will make will come as an accessory to this simple one.

Learning the basics of blogging

So how do you learn the basics? There are a lot of options. Try Google search with the keywords basics of blogging, blogging tips and you will have a whole new world to learn to walk. You need dedication o your part and remember that learning is a continued process. Many internet gurus would say that they are still learning and there is never an end to the ideas you can learn about blogging.

So if you are a new comer to blogging please make sure that you understand blogging to some extent before you start taking the field seriously. Join various groups in various social networks dedicated to online discussions and make sure that you do not join any spam groups where just links to various blogs are present. That will build a good base for you to learn the stuff.

Be active in such groups and you will soon see that there are a lot of persons willing to help you out of the doubts you may have. Do not just spam the groups with your questions, but follow the discussions and try to understand them.

These types of forums and group helps you realize who the best in the field are and be in touch with them. Sooner or later you will see that you will be understanding more and more and a day will come when other new comers will regard you as an expert.


growtap81 said...

oh wow!! such a informative and necessart post.
the basics of blogging is realy nice. i like this post. plz tell what type of mistakes usually newcomers make other than copy-paste..??

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