How to Make Money Blogging Online
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May 23, 2012

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How to Make Money Blogging Online

There is no doubt that you want to Make Money Blogging as you have been already landed on this page. Infact every one wants to Make Money Online and Blogging is the best way to do that. Well as per my experience Make Money Blogging is one of the most easiest way to make money fast. If you are a student, then you can   Make Money Online  through blogging that will be enough for you to make yourself financially independent and if you are an working person then trust me your blog will always make more money than your job even you spend 18 hours for your job per day and give hardly 16-18 hours for your blog per week.

Make Money Blogging

Now a days Blogging and Internet marketing is emmerging as a vast and a fast growing industry. However you cant make money online with out proper guidance or self experience. Many times beginner bloggers quite because they actually dont know how to proceed and how to start monetising a blog.

Today I am going to share almost all ways and resources to Make Money Blogging Online which will help you to to understand how to start and how to survive in this Publisher Advertisers world .

1. Adsense:

Well adense is the best way to drive money to your pockets on monthly basis. What you have to do is to sign up for adsense to get a publisher account to use with your blog. How ever it sounds so easy but getting account approved with adsense is a big pain to ass. 

How to get your Adsense account approved :

Dont ever rush to get your adsense account approved, first build your blog for atleast for theree months, in these three months be sure you have published atleast 25 quality articles on your blog. Remember first impression is last impression so make sure that your blog design got a proffesional look, it should not be looking as a underconstruction blog, otherwise your account will be disapproved at the first look of manual review.
Be sure that your blog follows all the adsense tearms and conditions. Dont ever copy paste articles, inittially it looks great to see increasing post counts by just using two keys 'Ctrl+C' - 'Ctrl+V' , But at end you will realise the you have wasted a big time in doing this shitty thing with Zero outcome.
Remember dont post copy righted material on your blog such as images or content, also be sure not to share any cracks or paches on your blog. The movies , Songs , Games are always copyrighted to their respective owners so dont ever share them on your blog, Yes you can still information or reviews about Movies ,songs or Games but you are not allowed to share actual media.

They key to Success to get adsense account approved is,

First Build Your Blog according to adsense tearms and conditions, well design it, then only apply for Adsense account.
If you will apply for adsense several times without improvement in content and design then after some rejections the guys at adsense will simply backlist your site and for every approval request in future you will simply get an automated disapproval reply and then you will not have any option rather than starting from scratch with new blog to get approved for adsense program.

How to prevent your Adsense account from getting banned:

The biggest mistake beginner bloggers do is applying for adsense even when they are not getting enough traffic to moneytise it. Remember without traffic every thing is in vain. 
Traffic is nothing but the blood that keeps an Internet Marketer's heart running.
No traffic means your blog isn't alive.
Many begginer bloggers participate in click exchange programs and gets their adsense accounts banned.
Remember Google will be always one step ahead of you, dont ever think that you can chaeat adsense by doing some shitty stuff like click exchange.
If you do so the then you will get a Love letter from adesnse guys very soon saying "Hey Dear Adsense publisher we are delighted to inform you that you are busted and we have kicked you out from aur program. Will not See you again.. Bye!!!

 Adsense is a Gold mine play safe and you will play in $$$.

2.Sponsered Ads:

You can publish sponsered ads on your blog on monthly or yearly basis. There are various ways to get potensial ads space buyers for your blog to Make Money Blogging. 
To get  ads space buyers for your blog your initial step should be to have an advertise here page for your blog. Mention your blog pagerank, traffic and social subscribers clearly on your advertise here page and write some convincing words on your advertise here page to target potential ads space buyers to tell them what are the pros for them to have advertising opportunties  your blog.
Well only doing this will not work, you have to reach your potential ads buyers with offer to publish their ads on your blog. You can simply find some products or services related to your niche and can contact them through contact information given on their product site.
BuySellAds is another big source of income for bloggers, Buy Sell Ads is a program by which you can get advertisers for your blog easily. However you need a descent traffic and custom domain to get approved in BuySellAds program.
Publishing sposered ads on your blog is most effective way to Make Money Blogging.

3.Sponsered Reviews:

Sposered Reviews pays a lot. To get sponsered review apportunities blog should have atleast a considerable pagerank and a handsome traffic. A single review post can easily paid upto 100$. If you have a descent pagerank and traffic then sponsered review is one of the most recomended method to Make Money online. Possibly very often you will be approached by any company for sponsered review of their product on your blog. To Make Money Blogging you need to reach your potential review post buyers yourself. 
The method that works for me to get review post orders is, Keep your eyes open and spy the blogs in your niche, whenever any of these blog publishes a review about any product, just find official website of that product, contact the admin using any contact information given on their website, Now wait for their reply, they will surely accept your proposal if your blog is worth that. You can Make money Online by publishing sponsered reviews on your blog very easily, Sponsered reviews pays a handsome money for small work.

These are the most effective and basic ways to Make Money Blogging.

My advice:

Make Money Online

Are you a beginner blogger? Not earning anything from your blog? If yes, Don't get panic, be patient this happens with everyone, after all every problogger was a beginner in his earlier blogging days, don't think you have wasted time in blogging without making any money, you have actually earned a precious experience.

Adolf Hitler said,

Keep Running to achieve your goals, If you can't run then walk, if you cant walk then atleast Crawl, Believe in your faith and victory will be yours. 

Remember, Blogging is the Gold mine to earn a handsome income you just need to keep some pations, I assure you the day when you will make your first $ you will never look back again.


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It is a great article. Nice reading it. I'm sure your ideas can help me earn more money online.

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