How Google Penguin And Panda Algorithm Can Effect Your SEO
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May 22, 2012

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How Google Penguin And Panda Algorithm Can Effect Your SEO

With the development of Panda Algorithm and Google Penguin, the scenario of internet marketing or rather search engine marketing has changed a lot. 

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Effects Of Panda:

The updates of Panda have some major effects on those companies that take the help of firms providing search engine optimization for better marketing. It has seen that the development of Panda has advantageous effects on many companies and for some the results were harmful. Some of the organizations got to improve their rankings but most of the organizations experienced adverse effect by loosing better position or ranks. Those websites that are SEO responsive and are web 2.0 equipped, done well and managed to improve the rank. The sites must be updated at a regular interval and better reviews, blogs, RSS feed and those with sitemap can surely hit the finest place at the search engine results. Hence these are the basic features that are accepted and easily recognized by Google Algorithms. Other than these, you can also follow some regular principles related to better optimization such as superior and fresh content, more links and on-site search engine optimization. Content is the significant part of a website and quality content always helps in obtaining a better SEO position. Increase in the number of links will also help a website to gain better position. Various old websites lose their ranks due to old content and hence updating the content always remains a pivotal aspect to appear at the top of the SEO results. 

Google Penguin Effects:

The effects of Google Penguin is also seen as this results in rapid drop in the ranks and thereby works adversely for the websites in loosing traffic. Penguin is known as the “mini Panda”. Penguin is just a minor addition to the algorithm of Google Panda. It is recommended to keep the websites updated in order to protect the sites from Penguin algorithm or else you may lose a large part of the traffic. For many users and website holders, it is a great deal of loss. This is why it is important to be a little aware of your websites and the related aspects so that you may save the website from the glitch of Penguin.  The only solution to protect the websites is to design quality websites that Google would easily recognize. Even at times over-optimization can affect your websites as Google only look for quality sites. Hence it is better to start working towards updating your site and making it a better site with quality content. It is required to make such changes that are realistic in nature. After being penalized by Penguin it is not required to delete all materials and links from the website, instead try to change those content and part of your website which are over-optimized. For example, all those footer that are unnecessarily stuffed with primary and secondary keywords must be removed. There is really nothing to panic, just a few sensible changes can again help one to see his website at the submit of the search engine results. 


Cris Monde said...

Google Penguin is now the latest algorithm of Google that especially designed to stop spammers on the web. Google panda is still there to penalize sites that are not complying with the algorithm. So doing proper SEO and avoiding black hat SEO is the best way to avoid these algorithm that can hit the site's ranking.

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