May 2012
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May 31, 2012

Google SEO – 9 New Developments You Should Know


A month ago Google announced another major revision in its search engine algorithm to weed out spam and to give priority to high-quality websites. Getting a website up might be easy, but getting it consistently ranked in search results might be quite challenging. Here is a list of new developments in Google SEO to help you stay abreast.

You ought to know in and out of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) if you expect your website to get whatever ranking it actually deserves. Google Webmaster is a comprehensive tool to help you optimize how Google crawls and indexes your website. By using this tool you can do a good deal of SEO work like analyze links, find search queries that drive traffic to your site, share information about your site, get details about broken links, and more.

1. Fix broken links

You can use Google Webmaster Tools to find out whether there are any crawl errors in your website. Crawl error is nothing but error encountered by a search engine crawler when it tried to follow a link in your website and couldn’t find the relevant page, but instead got a 404 error. If your website has hundreds of pages or if you use content management system to auto-generate pages, then there could be dead links that don’t point to any pages. In order to check whether you site has crawl errors, log in to Google Webmaster Tools and add your website. Then, under Health tab, you can find various types of crawl errors. Each type of error has a detailed report that tracks back to the broken links in your website. You can either remove the broken links or redirect them to some other pages.

2. Index new content

Google does not immediately index brand new content in any website. If you want to quicken the indexing process, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to submit new URLs. To do this, open Google Webmaster Tools, and under Health, go to "Fetch as Google", add the links to new web pages, and click on Fetch button. This is a request to Google to crawl the newly added content immediately. Once the new pages are fetched, you will see a “submit to index” button next to the URL. You need to click this button to add the fetched pages to Google’s index.

3. Search Queries

Google Webmaster lists search queries to help you find the top keywords and pages for your website. The Search Queries tab displays two tabs: Top queries and Top pages. Top Queries tab displays your top keywords, which you can sort based on number of queries, impressions, or clicks. Additionally, you can also sort the keywords based on other parameters in the report. The Top Pages tab gives you the same data for pages. If you see an arrow in the rows of the report, then it means the corresponding page already garners some traffic for its keyword phrase. Therefore, you can use that as an indicator to optimize that page even further for better ranking.

4. XML Sitemaps

XML site maps are search engine friendly and show the indexation percentage of websites. You can use Sitemap tool in Google Webmaster Tool to submit the XML sitemap of your website. You can use any free tool to crawl your website to generate an XML sitemap. An XML sitemap literally guides search engines about where your pages are. The better the site indexation percentage is, the better your website ranking will be. Additionally, you could use this as a vital tool to see how changes in Google’s algorithm affect your ranking. In fact, this is the right place to spot Google penalties.

5. HTML Improvements

You can see HTML Improvements tool under Optimization in Google webmaster tools. Here you can find details about duplication problems and non-indexable content. Additionally, the report tells you about the presence of duplicate Meta tag, inappropriate length of titles and more.

6. Google+

Google+ has already shown impact on how businesses rank in Google. Businesses that build network and content in Google+ is definitely going to have competitive advantage over others. You can also think of integrating your social media networking sites to your Google+ account for regular updates.

7. +1 button

+1 button works on the basis that content recommended by friends are more relevant than content from strangers. So if you update your website with fresh content often, then you can have +1 button to help people share web pages. Additionally, the number of +1’s signals Google about the relevancy of a page, which is used in search queries. You can place a +1 button literally anywhere like websites, Google searches, ads, etc. The aim of +1 button is to drive visitors to your website and discuss the content easily without leaving your site, so this way you will also see a boost in your traffic. You can go to Dashboard in Google Webmaster Tools to track your +1 report. The report will give you details about the number of times your site was +1’d during a selected date range.

8. Rich Snippets

Snippets are few lines of text about a website in every search result to give users an idea about what to expect from a website and whether the content of the website is relevant to their search. To have rich snippet for your website, you need to use Microdata, Microformats or RDFa formats in your website for relevant content to enable Google to identify certain types of information and display them as snippets. By having rich snippets, your site is likely to rank high.

9. Longevity of your website

If you keep altering your website’s content frequently, then it might dramatically affect your search ranking. Frequently altering href tag, alt tag, or the main structure of your webpage or the keywords could have negative effect on your website.
SEO is an ongoing job. When it comes to online business, not only you need to have compelling websites with quality content, you also need to keep your websites well-optimized to make them visible for search engines. A website’s visibility could change overnight, so in order to keep your ranking under control, you need to routinely check its performance with Google’s free SEO tools.

May 27, 2012

Powerful SEO link building strategies

In this Internet Era, SEO became an unseperable part of an Internet Marketer's life. SEO is a basic building block for the survival of every online business. To sustain an online business in this highly competitive online world various SEO link building strategies have been proposed. These SEO link building strategies are proven overtimes by numerous SEO experts through their case studies.

SEO link building

Performance of a website in SERPS depends on mainly two  aspects viz. Content and Backlinks.

Relation Between Content and Backlinks :

A famous statement among bloggers regarding to content is,

Content is the King!!

Well yes content was the most important aspect for online blogging success, it is and it will be always.
But a king is nothing without his army, in the same manner content is nothing without backlinks.

If content is your talent then Backlinks gives exposure to your talent, thus gives fame. Without backlinks your content will be undiscovered, then no mattter how quality it is, your efforts will be in vain.

Unique content is a king but backlinks are Pioneers of your blogging empire.

Powerful SEO link bulding strategies 

Now we will discuss some SEO link building techniques that works,

1. Niche Guest Posting :

Niche guest posting is one of the most important SEO link building technique.
Here I have explained proper way to do guest posting to get maximum  from it.

2. Wiki Backlinks :

Wiki articles submission is yet another most powerful SEO link building strategy.
Wiki backlinks are concidered as authority backlinks, Wiki backlinks helps to boost rankings in serps for your keywords very easily. Wiki inks should be grabbed on regular basis to keep your blog healthy in SERPs.
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3. Directory Submission :

Directory submission is one of the powerful SEO strategy.
Directory links needs to be approved before they get included in directories, this approval process makes directory submission a spam free SEO link building strategy, and due to approval process the links comes in slower and steady manner which makes them 100% safe.
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4. High PR Web 2.0 submissions :

Web 2.0 sites are authority website and so they have very high potential to pass authority to your websites.
Web 2.0 sites are widely used to implement effective seo techniques like Linkwheel and Link pyramids.
Linkwheels works great in ranking for your keywords in SERPs.
Check out these posts that may help you to understand Web 2.0 submission more precisely.

5. Other SEO link building Techniques :

Other link building techniques that still works are Press Release Submissions, Social bookmarking, Niche commenting.

Before proceeding towards linkbulding a proper keyword research should be done, remember choose keyword with low competition considerable CPC and traffic, by selecting a few right keywords and ranking them you can have boost in your Search engine Traffic.

Small Business SEO - Various Onsite And Offsite Techniques Every Business User Should Follow

A need of understanding the various SEO tools for proper web designing arises in front of the professionals. Henceforth, optimisation of local small business website is being carried out by them to get acquainted with the various SEO tools. Because of less competition and easier record maintenance, optimization for local search is a better way to learn SEO. Overall, it can be said that small business SEO is a bit slower process but it has its own advantages. It means that a lot of research has to be done onsite and offsite before applying any SEO methods. So, on this article, we are presenting some of the best great small business SEO tips for everyone wants to rank their business high on search engines. 


 It involves the following steps :

  • Completion of all the tasks mentioned in this checklist will enrich the skills of doing well in small business SEO.
  • One must set a proper goal why they are performing this SEO task.
  • The search queries such as the words typed in to the search engines to locate one’s company etc. should be noted down.
  • The selected keywords must be researched i.e. the ‘keyword tool’ and ‘ad text generator’ must be learnt to use.
  • During the above keyword research, the best keywords should be noted down.
  • The present SERPs for the selected keywords should be analysed.
  • A list of competitors should be created by using the information got from the previous steps.
  • Young site explorer should be used to get the sources of competitor links and it should be maintained so that it can be used later.
  • Then the next step should be to search for the client’s site using the site command on any of the search engines to see whether that site has been indexed or not.

Onsite SEO Techniques

  • Firstly the client should log in to its account and verify its contents using various SEO tools such as Google analytics, Webmaster tools etc.
  • Google analytics shall be allowed to run for two weeks before doing any SEO, so that adequate data could be collected and a record shall be maintained.
  • Design of the sites should be simply perfect because SEO will of no use for the terrible sites.
  • Websites compatibility between the different browsers should be verified.
  • A new e-mail address specific to the presently working site should be created so that this address could be used for carrying out the works related to the project, so that concept of link building can be employed.
  • HTML codes shall be verified and all the SEO related tags shall be optimized.
  • A decision has to be taken whether to depend on the algorithms of the modern search engines for the scanning of the websites or to develop their own Meta description.
  • The company address and phone number must be added on each page of the website.
  • Robots.txt should be used because it allows displaying those pages, which are exactly shown by the various search engines. Also due to robots.txt the pointing of search engines are made easy.

Therefore, these were the onsite SEO techniques to improve the web designing and henceforth contribute to small business SEO. 

Offsite SEO Techniques

  • Client’s business and website must be added to the major search engine’s local listings. This will definitely promote the small business SEO.
  • Also the client’s website must be added to industry specific directories.
  • A trial must be made to obtain the links, which our competitors have already got.
  • Ways should be found out to obtain more and more links because search engines are highly interested to see the local links pointing the locally targeted websites.
  • It should be decided whether the social media sites would be advantageous for the client’s website or not.
  • Creation and submission of sitemaps are necessary.
  • Client’s websites should be optimizer from Google’s point of view as it will allow image search and appropriate geographical target could be set.
A list of almost all the adequate steps has been made which can be required by the inexperienced SEOs to learn this so-called small business SEO.

May 26, 2012

Cheap Contextual Wiki Backlinks Service - Boost your sites Authority

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500 Live Wiki Articles Submission Service

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3 Reasons Why Bloggers Make Few Cent Online and Solutions


Blogging is a process whereby you give your best and people pay you back with a visit to your blog. And moments after reading your blog post, they may take action to subscribe to your mailing list for more contents from you; they may also click on adverts on your blog to help you make some bucks – which is one of the greatest benefits of blogging (to make money after all your hard works).

But, does that mean blogging is all about this alone? Nope! Blogging isn’t about making money alone, it is about doing all your best and expecting people to give you good testimonies for your suggestions, tips, and advices. These would help you gain them for future communication which could result into more cash for you on regular basis.
In this article, I want to talk about some reasons why many bloggers aren’t making money online and the possible steps to change the story and move on.

Why do bloggers fail to Make Money online?

Blogging isn’t their passion, there were forced to do it

It is true that what you have passion for will surely continue to come into your head at all times. If you love blogging, you will make sure that your blog is up to date with latest and regular updates that will give your visitors solutions to their respective problems.
But, when I began to see bloggers doing what they aren’t supposed to be doing, like spending huge amount of time on social media sites while, they are supposed to be working on their respective blogs – I normally felt bad for them.
It is not good for you engaging in activities that you have little or no knowledge about. If you have passion for writing, then go do it. But, if you do not have passion for blogging, kindly go for another area where you have ambition for.
I do not have plan to make money online when I started my blog because I have the passion for technology and that was what helped me to rank my technology blog to the first page of Google for this reason. And the good news is, you can do the same! Forget the money others are looking for and focus on helping others, sharing what you know and people will come and bless you even at the time you don’t expect them to.

Money is the driving force for them to blog

Making money online from blogging is a good practice for bloggers but it should be done in the right sense. If you are coming into the blogging scene because some are making a hell lot of money from doing blogging, you are hurting yourself. It is because, I’m seeing you failing faster than you may not have expected. Those who started blogging for money reasons ended up frustrated due to lack of results. And you should avoid falling into the same trap as them.
Don’t ever allow money to be your propeller for blogging online. What I think should be your push for engaging in blogging activities is the desire to help others, the desire to make other people laugh, the desire to make the world be in good condition through your ideas and techniques.

Inability to share with others

One more thing I have come to realize why many failed woefully in blogging is in the area of non-willing to share things. If you are holding back something from your followers or readers, chances are that you may end up being no one in the blogosphere.
There are countless numbers of people out there who have started blogging for more than 5 to 10 years and yet, they are nowhere to be found when people are looking for successful bloggers.