How to Choose Blogs for Guest Posting to get maximum from it
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Feb 15, 2012

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How to Choose Blogs for Guest Posting to get maximum from it

It is a well quoted truth that,

A Smart work is always better than Hard work!!!

But many bloggers fails to get maximum from guest posting due to their wrong strategies.

Guest posting is one of the best SEO strategy, but sometimes you used to do guest posting without getting maximum benefits from it knowingly or unknowingly. Basically peoples submit guest posts on various blogs for three motives viz. to increase blog pr, to get better rankings in serps, to get greater exposer to the blog.


How to Increase blog pr through Guest Posting

If you are willing to get a descent pagerank in next pr update then you need to hunt out high pagerank pr4 + Nofollow blogs that allows guest posting.

Confused??? Why nofollow blogs???

Let me tell you what are you doing wrong from past with guest posting. You was writting guest posts on the blogs those allows dofollow comments , obviously you get lot of comments on that guest posts that actually made by readers for the sake of backlinks  which is actually diluting  link juice of that page that means the effective pagerank of the respective page was getting shared within your backlink and lot of dofollow comments resulting in negligible link juice passing to your blog through that dofollow backlink.

Whenever you are writting a guest post on a nofollow blog, all the effective link juice of that page is passed to your blog through the dofollow link pointing to your blog as the comments are already nofollow.

So we concluded,
 few guest post on a high pagerank nofollow blog can boost your pagerank instantly after next pr update.


  • Avoid guest posting on the blogs that provide dofollow blogroll links and footer links, as these links sucks alot of effective pr of the page leaving very less link juice to be transfered to your blog.
  • When you are guest posting for Increasing your blog pagerrank Niche concept does not matters the only thing matters is a descent high pagerank pr4+ Nofollow blog.
  • If you are concentrating on increasing pr then it doesnt matters that you are posting each guest post on adiffrent blog or posing consistently on few selective high pr blogs.

How to get better rankings in SERPS through Guest Posting

If you are looking to rise in SERPS by crawling on the ladder of Guest Posting then the blog you choose for guest posting should be of same niche that of your blog. I am not saying that you will not get any benefilt from guest posts on non related niche blogs but what ever you will get from a diffrent niche sites will be always less than the authority you get from the related niche sites after guest posting.
If our altimate purpose behind guest posting is to get maximum from it, then why should we waste our precious time on publishing guest posts on sites with diffrent niche than ours, which is not going to help us maximum.

So we concluded
To get Maximum from guest posting for better rankings in SERPS we should always concentrate on publishing our guest posts on similar niche sites like ours rather than that of diffrent niche.



  • If you are concentrating on rising in SEPRS then publishing every guest posts on different authority same niche blogs is going to work like a charm.

How to get greater exposer to the blog through Guest Posting 


Obviously, it is quite simple that to get maximum exposure to your blog through guest posting you need to guest post on the very high traffic blogs those having large ammount of guinine readers through RSS, Twitter, Facebook etc.

My advice


To get maximum from Guest Posting I will suggest you to go with first two strategies alternately and with third very often.

Also check out my recently posted Guide on Guest Posting  Best linkbuilding Strategy for Guest blogging.


Donna said...

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Liberte @ Sarkies

Anonymous said...

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Website design said...

The article is really great, in my point of view, the best way to do guest posting is that post your best article in the similar type of blog and make understand the blog owner that by doing guest posting the benefit is for both and also the viewers.
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