February 2012
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Feb 21, 2012

black hat seo vs white hat seo

The challenge between whitehat SEO and blackhat SEO is warming up and every search engines are backing up the white hat SEO.

From the time first search engine was launched, the concept of SEO (Search engine optimization) has been there though it has changed a lot from what it used to be in its beginning. Google keep on changing their site listing methods to avoid bulk of bogus stuff present over the internet and look for the relevant and most desired content. Search engine optimization can be regarded as a marketing plan which works on to improve the ranking of any web site in Search Results (SEPRs). Higher pr indicates greater exposure which in turn indicates enhanced visitors.

For the website to rank good in search engines there are many tasks to perform on page plus off page of your website to rank it in the top 10 results of search engine ranking. Here comes the concept of white hat and black hat SEO. As by name you can make out which one is the right way and which is the illegal way.

Blackhat and whitehat SEO are two different (and normally opposing) opinions of to do seo. Whitehats are those website developers that "play nice" and try to go by all of the look for results recommendations to boost their website. Blackhats are where website developers use backdoors, hiding, and other methods to boost websites. This information was discovered in the Dec. 19, 2005 by Newsweek content on "Hotwiring your Search Web page."



“Don’t buy links buy the whole site”

The war on Paid hyperlinks is at full swing. Dealing hyperlinks without the nofollow tag is now basically a black hat SEO technique that is against Google’s Website owner Recommendations.

Google has and will continue to target sites that flagrantly trade hyperlinks. If you are promoting links: do it discreetly & do it distinctly.

Off-page SEO tasks such as linking, writing and submitting articles, leaving comments on blogs and website link deals, links distribution, video distribution and all other ways to promotion take a significant time period for enhancing PR (page rank) of a website when all values are usually followed by a SEO Company. Most of the SEO companies do not follow the rules. They desire black ways. Infrequent deals of hyperlinks and the prefers to websites of peculiar kind and software-driven inventive distribution of hyperlinks can dredge the litany of drops within a few months period. In a word, any illegal SEO tasks can be named as inaccurate techniques and its results that seem to be seemingly successful are similarly short-lived.

But in case of white hat SEO These methods are followed which are just according to the guidelines of search engines. This is rather a tedious way. In simple terms, white hat SEO is not only about following the guidelines of google and other search engines and applying the way any web page is listed. It is a variety of devoted initiatives to make appropriate articles which customers actually want to accessibility. Every search-engines like quality articles and so do customers and white hat SEO is all about developing such articles rather than making inclined initiatives for web page seo.

Web page Content:

White Hat: As earlier described, appropriate and keyword rich articles are needing both for users and google. White hats specializes in design of such excellent articles.

Black Hat: makes use of invisible articles which is packed will key terms normally in the form of white textual content on the white background (text corresponding to the background). Feedback tag is also used for this purpose. At best, black-hat SEO is a fast fix, offering a short-term increase for your ratings that will decrease off as soon as your agreement comes to an end. At toughest, these methods can get your website suspended or completely banned by the google and other search engines.

Any business owners would like to have the white hat SEO strategy to black hats. In reality business is to stay for more time than the business that escape and are overlooked along the slow exposition of their work or service.

Feb 20, 2012

Tips to Make Your Blog Post Interesting

Do you like to publish articles and compose about things you do and think about? Do you consistently compose site posts? Do you look forward to composing articles that makes everyone sit up and read?
If you are responding to these questions, then you must also be thinking of ways to strengthen your articles and create them bit interesting. Here are some tips to help you boost the way you provide your opinions and ideas in a composition of yours.


Pictures get individuals attention

Have you ever considered why children and grown-ups as well are drawn to image guides or websites that have eye-catching images? This is because most individuals usually affiliate a lot of significance to pictures.

When used properly, images can boost what you compose and express a lot of significance to people. In other terms, your composing will appear more exciting to visitors if it is reinforced by excellent pictures.


Statistical information give credibility

When you are composing about any subject, you can create a lot of value addition to it by including data and results to the articles. This would add reliability to your composition and visitors would understand that it is a well investigated content.

You could always use appropriate illustrations to support to your opinions or justifications.


Use of infographics

A composing is a way to get individuals to understand factors related to a certain subject. Simple terms may not adequate in putting forth an concept completely; pictures, charts or index charts can add just that extra shine required in introducing an concept. You can incorporate infographics or information design in your composition and boost the legibility of your web logs.

When you create articles that others study, understand and incorporate ideas about, it becomes necessary to provide the data in a more innovative way. You will understand that more individuals are drawn to such design and hence go back again to your weblogs.


Write the right way

Finally, a lot will depend on how you compose your site. Perfect terminology with correct sentence structure and no punctuation blunders are a pre-requisite. A splash of spontaneity will always help in getting individuals to understand even serious subjects in a fun loving way.

More significantly, it will be a great concept to read on weblogs that other individuals compose and replicate some of the ideas that they are using. Create your own way of composing while making use of guidelines from others and enhancing upon the not so excellent ones.

Blog composing is an art and you can do it with ongoing exercise. Watch out for what is making news in the site world and you will have an exciting content every time you sit down to compose. 

Enhance Your Website with Qualified SEO Experts

Search engine optimization is a critical part of doing various types of business through online. Almost all online business and other activities depend on SEO for their effective and smooth functioning. Billions of searches come to your website in search of your product and services. Only a good SEO can bring your website to the forefront and make magic in your business. SEO helps a customer or a student or people from all walks of life to get information and services with in no time with the help of specific key words.

There are several things that you have to keep in mind before approaching a SEO or SEO service provider. Experience of the SEO expert is very important as it is the best teacher which can bring your site to the top position. Whether your company is small or large, you might need the SEO and an SEO specialist. Many SEO companies offer well experienced and highly professional SEO experts but still there are many qualities that you have to look in to while approaching a SEO expert. Some of the major aspects are the following:

1. Knowledge of SEO tactics:

An SEO expert should know the exact SEO tactics of how to bring the website to gain more search engine traffic.

2. Page optimization:

They should know the technical structure of the website of the client and should know On and Off page optimization.

3. Proper understanding of all 3 SEO levels:

That is to use potential keywords and html tags to increase the web traffic and for link building. Thus a thorough understanding of all three SEO levels is very essential for an SEO expert so that any customer can approach their strategy from all three angles to increase the business.

4. Proven track record of SEO expert:

Always look for the proven track record of SEO success.

5. Good knowledge:

Marketing strategies and a thorough knowledge about the psychology of humans, culture of the people whom they are dealing with are very essential as well the best knowledge in web design, product, content and much more.

6. Proper understanding of the customer company culture:

SEO experts should interact with customer service, analytics, and sales and should understand the company’s culture and capability and have a good picture about it.

7. Marketing Outlook:

Contents should be written in a catchy way so that it benefits user that leads to sale.

8. Excellent Communicational skills:

Should be excellent in communication at all levels.

9. Get things done efficiently:

Should take challenges and enable progress.

10. Curiosity:

An SEO expert should be curious enough to know the IP addresses of all Google crawlers.

A good SEO can improve your business as well as help in the smooth and effective functioning. It will help you to generate traffic in your website and there by improve sales and business. Now day’s major and minor companies are hiring SEO experts to improve the web presence. Finding a best SEO service provider is your task. Only a professional and experienced SEO expert can bring desired results.

Feb 15, 2012

How to Choose Blogs for Guest Posting to get maximum from it

It is a well quoted truth that,

A Smart work is always better than Hard work!!!

But many bloggers fails to get maximum from guest posting due to their wrong strategies.

Guest posting is one of the best SEO strategy, but sometimes you used to do guest posting without getting maximum benefits from it knowingly or unknowingly. Basically peoples submit guest posts on various blogs for three motives viz. to increase blog pr, to get better rankings in serps, to get greater exposer to the blog.


How to Increase blog pr through Guest Posting

If you are willing to get a descent pagerank in next pr update then you need to hunt out high pagerank pr4 + Nofollow blogs that allows guest posting.

Confused??? Why nofollow blogs???

Let me tell you what are you doing wrong from past with guest posting. You was writting guest posts on the blogs those allows dofollow comments , obviously you get lot of comments on that guest posts that actually made by readers for the sake of backlinks  which is actually diluting  link juice of that page that means the effective pagerank of the respective page was getting shared within your backlink and lot of dofollow comments resulting in negligible link juice passing to your blog through that dofollow backlink.

Whenever you are writting a guest post on a nofollow blog, all the effective link juice of that page is passed to your blog through the dofollow link pointing to your blog as the comments are already nofollow.

So we concluded,
 few guest post on a high pagerank nofollow blog can boost your pagerank instantly after next pr update.


  • Avoid guest posting on the blogs that provide dofollow blogroll links and footer links, as these links sucks alot of effective pr of the page leaving very less link juice to be transfered to your blog.
  • When you are guest posting for Increasing your blog pagerrank Niche concept does not matters the only thing matters is a descent high pagerank pr4+ Nofollow blog.
  • If you are concentrating on increasing pr then it doesnt matters that you are posting each guest post on adiffrent blog or posing consistently on few selective high pr blogs.

How to get better rankings in SERPS through Guest Posting

If you are looking to rise in SERPS by crawling on the ladder of Guest Posting then the blog you choose for guest posting should be of same niche that of your blog. I am not saying that you will not get any benefilt from guest posts on non related niche blogs but what ever you will get from a diffrent niche sites will be always less than the authority you get from the related niche sites after guest posting.
If our altimate purpose behind guest posting is to get maximum from it, then why should we waste our precious time on publishing guest posts on sites with diffrent niche than ours, which is not going to help us maximum.

So we concluded
To get Maximum from guest posting for better rankings in SERPS we should always concentrate on publishing our guest posts on similar niche sites like ours rather than that of diffrent niche.



  • If you are concentrating on rising in SEPRS then publishing every guest posts on different authority same niche blogs is going to work like a charm.

How to get greater exposer to the blog through Guest Posting 


Obviously, it is quite simple that to get maximum exposure to your blog through guest posting you need to guest post on the very high traffic blogs those having large ammount of guinine readers through RSS, Twitter, Facebook etc.

My advice


To get maximum from Guest Posting I will suggest you to go with first two strategies alternately and with third very often.

Also check out my recently posted Guide on Guest Posting  Best linkbuilding Strategy for Guest blogging.

Feb 14, 2012

3 Secrets to Becoming Uber-Successful While Blogging Online

Sharing is caring, so goes the social media saying. Blogging is an act that is surrounded by sharing and caring for people who are like friends to us. If you are a blogger, your blog is the medium which you are using to care for people who are really in need of your help.  Ways of helping them could be in any form – it could be in form of a spoken work through a Youtube video, or a written word inside your blog post or through some other means.

The truth of the matter is that, you just need to help other to meet their needs – that is the basic truth about blogging and any other thing after that shouldn’t concerns you much. Immediately you are able to master the act of sharing what you know with group of peoples who are earnestly searching or looking for that information – you will begin to become more popular and you will be closer to success.

I have in this article to share with you three major secrets to help become a better a blogger by attaining success fast while doing what you love to do best, blogging of course!


Don’t Be Too Lazy to Share Your Knowledge with Other People

Since blogging is all about sharing what you have with people who need them most, you should not be too lazy to share those things with them. Find new ways to simplify sharing of new ideas, tips and guides with your blog or social media followers. Never let a day pass without sharing one or two information with people – it could be through social media update or via your blog post. Just make sure that you are sharing useful information with people every day. With that, they will see you as an authoritative personality in that niche; and that could land you a great recognition in that field as time goes on. On the long run, you could even land yourself a great deal with the top performer in your business niche when you don’t suffer people with what you know.


Like What You Are Doing and Do What You Love Best

Love your work! That is the basic truth about becoming successful in life. If you want to attain success fast, never have any negative thinking about your business - your website is your business as a blogger. Make your website your passion and you will begin to see changes that would make you become a better blogger.

Norman Vincent Pearle said in his book,
“In God We Trust”: “that no one in any kind of position can succeed unless he loves his job.” If you love your blog –which is your job, you will become popular and attain success faster in your area of expertise. And it is certain that when your blog becomes popular, you too will become very much popular because you are the owner of that blog (you’re the brain behind the success of that blog).

As an aspiring successful blogger, you must always comes out of your bed every morning with good taught for your blog, your blog readers, your social media followers and every other things pertaining to your blog in general.

Never be afraid of challenges –prepare for them before time

Don’t be afraid of challenges, but rather, prepared for them before they arrives. One of the major things that makes many bloggers quit is when they begin to be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of anything; just keep your head straight and focus on being the best you’ve dreamt of becoming. Don’t allow challenges and problems threatening you to bring you down – they can lower your chance of becoming Uber-successful as a blogger. Successful people, or should I say successful bloggers do one thing in common; they don’t allow fear of failure or challenges of life to get rid of their chances of becoming successful. So, you too must avoid such as well.

Feb 10, 2012

Techinline Remote Desktop Support Software - Review

Hi guys, I am Ritesh and today I am introducing to you a fantastic remote support tool Techinline which allows you to share your system and files instantly, securely and flawlessly over internet throughout the globe. Its a fabulous tool that allows Remote Access all over the web and works like a real charm.

It is proudly Powered by innovative Techinline Remote Desktop technology which makes it shine within its niche softwares. 

With Techinline you can share desktop and files remotely within two computer and the best part in it is it's transparency to any firewall and proxy servers. If you are running a support service and need to access client's desktops consistently for troubleshooting then Techinline is an unbeatable versatile tool for you. This tool is not only suitable for large bussiness companies but also gives best user experience at individual levels.


Techinline has been recognised as best remote access tool within its niche softwares due to its versatile features which are as follows,

  • It's very handy to use and connect.
  • It allows Two way Desktop Sharing.2. Customization & Integration. 
  • Remote Reboot & Reconnect
  • Allows Instant Messaging Chat
  • Allows transfer of files/clipboard remotely and localy within computers.
  • Allows to reboot and reconnect computers remotely.
  • Multi Monitor Support.
  • Browser-Based Solution.
  • Provides Reporting Tool.
  • Can bypass any firewall and proxy servers
  • Allows Auto Scroll and Auto Scale.

Techinline is appreciated by many reputed companies, views of some greatest companies are as

By Scott Drexel, @Progressive Networks

"Techinline has immensely helped us with our support capabilities by providing a perfect source for remote access at a great price! Thanks Techinline for giving Progressive Networks the ability to resolve issues quickly!"

By Hans Schillings, @Herman Miller, Inc.

 "Having to provide software support worldwide it's of enormous benefit having techinline remote desktop available. Not only does this save money in terms of travel expenses it enables to respond more quickly and efficient to customer demands and querries it's easy and uncomplicated to use and I wouldn't like to miss it."

By Andy Moore, @Selima Software Limited

"Techinline helps us connect directly to our customers individual machines directly and securely through the internet. This allows us to support customers in ways not possible before with the minimal of effort. In the past we've had access to servers on customer sites via Terminal Services or similar, but never a successful solution like this for support individual PCs without any previous setup or configuration."


TechinLine have an awesome support section with detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which covers almost all the common issues. In case if the FAQ section is not sufficient for a specific issue, Techinline provides the direct email support along with assurance of 100% satisfaction for any customer queries within 12 hours.

How to get Timeinline remote access tool

You can grab a full featured 15 days trial of the latest version of Techinline Remote Desktop Support Software.
You may buy latest version of Techinline and experience yourself why its better than any of software in it's niche.

Feb 6, 2012

Huge Google Pagerank Update February 2012

Again Google Striked with a huge pagerank update. However this pagerank update was already predicted but google shocked many webmasters by sudden falls and rise in pagerank.
In this pagerank update google blessed Tech Inspiro by awarding pr5. Yes yes Tech Inspiro is now a pr5 blog.

This blog achieved pr5 within a short span of 3 months. My other blogs also got descent pageranks in this pr update.

Congrats if you got a good pagerank in this pr update but don't get disapointed if this pr update hitted you hard just keep in touch and grab all the posts on this blog and you will see descent results in next pr update surely.

In this pr update my case studies helped me to figure out many theories and will definately share with all of you here in upcoming days.
The huge dofollow list will be updated with new pageranks soon.

Let me know how was this pr update for your blog.