Best linkbuilding Strategy for Guest blogging
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Dec 8, 2011

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Best linkbuilding Strategy for Guest blogging

Guest posting is the best way to built permanant backinks, many of sites allow guest posting and offers backlnks, some important aspects about backlinking through guest posting are described bellow.


1.Backlinks with anchor text within post or content area ~ Guest Posting

The backlinks with anchor text carries highest weightage in Search Engine Optimization.


Structure of Anchor Text



Anchor text is of the form,
<a href="Url of your site">Text to be displayed(Use your keyword here)</a>
For eg : SEO Tips

In above anchor text in area highlighted with red color you should use any of your keyword, say "SEO Tips", Now when google bots will crawl that page having your backlink with an anchor text with anchor keyword "SEO Tips" they will rank your site higher for that specific keyword "SEO Tips".

Now quality backlinks with anchor text within post or content area can be obtained by Guest posting,Article submission or RSS submission.
However guest posting is the best and effective way to get quality backlinks with anchor text to your site.


2.Backlinks without Anchor text within post or content area ~ Guest Posting

The backlinks without anchor text within post content carries relatively less weightage compared with the one with anchor text, but still they carries lot of linkjuice directly to your site.



Things to remember while guest posting

  1. Be sure that you get backlink with anchor text within post or content area rather than in about author widget.
  2. Choose your best keyword as a anchor keyword for anchor text.
  3. Be sure that the blog on which you are guest posting is a nofollow otherwise half of link juice will be sucked by the commenters.
  4. If you are allowed to have multiple backlinks then have backlinks pointed to your homepage with different anchor keywords, rather than having one backlink to your homepage and another to your internal post pages. 
  5. Do proper On page SEO for each of the guest post you submit to any site, this includes keywords optimisation, Image optimisation and Heading tags optimisation.
  6. Best linkbuilding strategy is, hunt out the best high pr blogs in your niche and submit guest post with anchor text to each of them atleast once in a month, and within a couple of months you will see that your site is emerging out from the back pages of search result to first page.
If I have missed any important point then feel free to discuss.


tonystar said...

Nice post. Its really nice sbo info for us. Thanks a lot!

spassurance said...

Nice Article. Such a great information for guest posting. I really happy to read this article because it is very informative article for me.

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parvez said...

Thanks! Yes, I will, this is my outlet to express my thoughts about my life and SEO as well.
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Claura27 said...

Link building is a tool that is basically connected back to a specific topic the word the article back to your site and ultimately help increase traffic to your site. So basically, it's one of the tools search engine optimization to generate website traffic. Other tools will be affiliate marketing social media marketing.

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reifen said...

Hello,i found your site through search,yours site is excellent and a nice website...

The contents are nice &will grow higher in future...


Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Linkbuilding is a mayor issue for search engine optimization. Finding blogs in which you can add valuable and related content is very important also.

Making comments in sites with no relation to your website is senseless (although is still useful). If your comment and link add value to the conversation, better.

I recommend you using to find sites in which you can comment and insert you links. Most important -> sites with related content!

Ritesh Warke said...

@Reifen, thanks for those words of appreciatiom :)

GergoV said...

Hi Ritesh! It's a great summary about guestposting - I just don't really get point 3.

Why do commenters suck away link juice if the blog where you post isn't a nofollow? How should it be set as "nofollow"?


Ritesh Warke said...

Concider you written guest post on a dofollow blog.
Now you got a nice backlink.
Now being dofollow blog your post will get lot of comments for the sake of getting dofollow link.
Now really what happened the effective pr or linkjuice of that webpage got equally divided in between you and those 100 s of comments.
So these dofollow comments eaten almost of your luch leaving back very few for you :)
Hope now you understand the point. :)
Thanks for visiting :)

winterreifen said...

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dipesh seo said...

thanx for sharing your thoughts proseoexpert
i am new to this field

Osho Garg said...

Ritesh I Always Use Link Author Bio. What Is The More Benefit Fore Using Link Content ?

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