December 2011
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Dec 14, 2011

Can spam backlinks harm your rankings

It is a big issue from past some years that do spam / negative backlinks harm your site in search engine rankings.
about 4-5 years ago google had confirmed that

Inbound links can’t harm your ranking because competitors would be able to harm your site by spamming thousand of low quality links.

However eecently Matt Cutts announced a change in Google’s policy.

The Google statement changed from:

There is nothing a competitor can do to harm your rankings
There is almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your rankings.

It is very obvious that your competitor can blast huge number of spam backlinks to your site using black hat seo tools.
So do you think spam backlinks can really harm your site seaarch engine rankings?
If we consider googles statement then we can easily come to conclusion that,

Neither spam backlinks harm your site nor they boost your site in SERP's, they are just ignored by google.

However this theory is not applicable every where, Lets see how

Effect of spam backlinks on old trusted site

Some SEO experts says that google compares spam backlinks with existing authority quality links of a site. If any site have very strong and consistent backlinks in past then google will simply ignore the blast of spammy links bombarded on that site.

Effect of spam backlinks on new site

off course google will penalise a new site for spam backlinks as it is obvious that no one will going to harm a site that itself is struggling to bubble up on first few pages of google search results.

How to prevent site from spam attack by competitor

To prevent your site from getting penalised by google for spam attack by your competitor you only need to get some authority high quality links from niche sites. This can be done by getting some permanant backlinks from reputed niche sites through guest posting. Also there are many gov and edu. sites/forums that allows registration and dofollow backlinks through profile pages, grab them they will help you in long run.

How this algorithm building Market Monopolies

Some big fishes that are having bunch quality websites are free to spam as google dont hunts out big fishes. These Market Monopolies are hunting small websites and pushing them dipper and dipper in serps.

Dec 12, 2011

Feed could not be found at - Blogger Problem Fixed

From past few days I was experiencing a problem with my blogger blog. My problem actually was when ever I tried to post a comment in a commentluv blog I used to get error as shown in bellow screen shot

I tried extremely hard to find solution of this problem over internet , also tried many help forums but no use.
Today at night when I was playing with my post and comment feeds I found that my post feeds were not redirecting towards my feedburner feeds and this problem just stucked in my mind, and I found the silly but working solution of this problem.

How to fix Feed could not be found at Error in blogger:

Just follow the simple steps bellow

1. Login to your blogger account. then click on settings in dashboard, click on site feed.
2. check that you have entered your correct feedburner feeds url in Post Feed Redirect URL slot.
3. In my case I missed http://

After correcting url as shown in image bellow,

The problem got solved, as you can see in bellow image.

Though the above error was very silly, but when everything goes wrong  sometimes such error occurs, Just search in google you will find this question everywhere unanswered. :)

Dec 10, 2011

what is link wheel

Creating a link wheel is one of the best and effective link building strategy to boost your sites rankings in SERPs. In this post I will try to explain you in as simple as possible words the technique to built an effective link wheel.

What is Link Wheel?

Link wheel is a very simple concept, in this you have to create a group of pages/profiles each pointing with a dofollow link to your main site that you want to rank in SERPs also each of that microsite should be linked to each other randomly.

This can be better understand by observing bellow images. The following image is an example of a Simple Link Wheel.

In above Simple link wheel you can observe that five microsites namely blogger, hubpages, wordpress, Squidoo, weebly are arranged in acycle so that each of them passes linkjuice to next microsite in the cycle and finally all microsites passes their complete juice to your main money site.

I will not suggest you to follow above link wheel as it is leaving very obvious footprint.Rather than following this simple link wheel we will try to pour some randomness into it as shown in the following figure.

This looks less obvious and its effective too, It can be managed easily even you add lot of pages and profiles into your link wheel.

How to make an effective link wheel?

An effective link wheel can be created by following the bellow simple tips,

Start with Small wheel: Initially start your wheel with about 4-5  webpages/profiles. Grow your wheel gradually in the random manner as shown in just above image.

Maintain a systematic blueprint: From starting of your link wheel make a systematic blueprint of your link wheel, when your linkwheel will grow really larger this bluprint will help you to keep track of properties in the link wheel. Also it will facilate finding the possible loop holes in the wheel to repair them.

Add some high PR Links : Add some high pr links and profiles to your link wheel, there are many high pr sites that allow dofollow links from profile page after registering. Use this pages in your link wheel it will give more linkjuice to your linkwheel.

Add Edu/Gov profiles: Add some Edu/Gov profiles to your link wheel, they holds alot of linkjuice and trust among search engines. Some Edu/Gov sites allows dofollow links from their user profile page after registration, use them. Edu link wheel is best linkbuilding srategy.

Keep links dofollow: Offcourse this is obvious that keep all the links in your wheel dofollow.

Anchor text: Dont use same anchor text in each link wheel property, show some variations and offcourse use your keywords in anchor texts.

Check out this How to create effective keyword rich anchor text.

Content of blogs: As shown in above images your link wheel will also have some blogs from diffrent platforms such as blogger, wordpress etc. In each of this blogs you have to write one unique post under your main site niche and optimise that post for SEO and make sure that the blog get indexed in search engine preferably google (Atleast write 70% unique post). Do proper On page SEO for the posts you publish in your link wheel,this includes keywords optimisation, Image optimisation and Heading tags optimisation.

Multiple cycles: So basically you have to create multiple linkwheels connected to each other and  each of it's property linked to your main site.

After creating link wheel you will not get results quickly but this linkwheel will be owned by you and it will be totally under your control. This linkbuilding strategy is a permanant and it will going to help you in a long run to boost your site in the SERPs and will drive huge traffic to your site from search engines.

Dec 8, 2011

Best linkbuilding Strategy for Guest blogging

Guest posting is the best way to built permanant backinks, many of sites allow guest posting and offers backlnks, some important aspects about backlinking through guest posting are described bellow.


1.Backlinks with anchor text within post or content area ~ Guest Posting

The backlinks with anchor text carries highest weightage in Search Engine Optimization.


Structure of Anchor Text



Anchor text is of the form,
<a href="Url of your site">Text to be displayed(Use your keyword here)</a>
For eg : SEO Tips

In above anchor text in area highlighted with red color you should use any of your keyword, say "SEO Tips", Now when google bots will crawl that page having your backlink with an anchor text with anchor keyword "SEO Tips" they will rank your site higher for that specific keyword "SEO Tips".

Now quality backlinks with anchor text within post or content area can be obtained by Guest posting,Article submission or RSS submission.
However guest posting is the best and effective way to get quality backlinks with anchor text to your site.


2.Backlinks without Anchor text within post or content area ~ Guest Posting

The backlinks without anchor text within post content carries relatively less weightage compared with the one with anchor text, but still they carries lot of linkjuice directly to your site.



Things to remember while guest posting

  1. Be sure that you get backlink with anchor text within post or content area rather than in about author widget.
  2. Choose your best keyword as a anchor keyword for anchor text.
  3. Be sure that the blog on which you are guest posting is a nofollow otherwise half of link juice will be sucked by the commenters.
  4. If you are allowed to have multiple backlinks then have backlinks pointed to your homepage with different anchor keywords, rather than having one backlink to your homepage and another to your internal post pages. 
  5. Do proper On page SEO for each of the guest post you submit to any site, this includes keywords optimisation, Image optimisation and Heading tags optimisation.
  6. Best linkbuilding strategy is, hunt out the best high pr blogs in your niche and submit guest post with anchor text to each of them atleast once in a month, and within a couple of months you will see that your site is emerging out from the back pages of search result to first page.
If I have missed any important point then feel free to discuss.

Dec 6, 2011

W3C validation for blogger XHTML templates

Hi guys, today we will  validate your blogger XHTML template.
By validating your blogger template you can minimize your site loading time and increase google bots crawling rate to great extent therefore can do better in SERP's to increase your blog traffic.


However Completely removing validation errors from a blogger template is not possible because some server side scripts are out of reach of us that can be only controlled by blogger team. Such as a blogger navbar creates Invalid XHTML errors but it is a server side program so it cant be controlled by us, when we load webpage the navebar code is automatically inserted in ur sites XHTML code,this can not be fixed by just hiding your navbar.

So we will atleast try to Minimixze Blogger XHTML Template's code to validate it for W3C ('World Wide Web Consortium').

Check Out your blogger XHTML Template Errors:

Before proceeding towards tutorial first first of all let’s check out the number of errors and warnings your blog encounters.

Visit this Validation Service and enter your blogger URL and HIT the check button.

Now Got the count of errors! Don't worry about errors and warning just follow the tutorial given bellow and you will see the difference yourself.(Make sure you take backup of your blogger template before applying every step)

Here we starts tutorial,

How to validate blogger XHTML templates for W3C

Step 1:
Login to your blogger account > Design > Edit html
Find the following code,
 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML<span style="">  </span>1.0 Strict//EN" "">
 It may look like this
And replace it with,

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML<span style="">  </span>1.0 Transitional//EN"<span style="">  </span>"">
After replace it should look like this,

Step 2: Fixing Quickedits the biggest bug that produces invalid results in blogger XHTML template

What is quickedit?

When you visit your blog with signed in to your blogger account you get facility to edit any post or any widget at the spot by clicking the quickedit icon at the right bottom of widget.
It looks helpful but actually it is the biggest evil that comes accross blogger XHTML template validation.

To remove quickedit, login to your blogger account > Design > edit html > check the expand template box (dont forget to take backup of template)

Now find following code
<b:include data='post' name='postQuickEdit'/>

 <b:include name='quickedit'/>
And delete these codes, Remember when you will add new widget a new quickedit code will be added to your template, So dont forget to aply this step every time after you add any new widget.

 Step 3: Always add alt tag to images

As per W3C standards adding ALT tag to images is must so every image used in your articles must have a alt tag specified, Also another benefit of adding alt tag is that you will get better rankngs in image search engines such as google image search
 Check this out for more about how to ad alt tags  Image SEO-Image Optimization Tips.

Step 4 : Dont use Archive with Hirarchycal view

Not using hirarchycal view of Archive widget will also help you to minimize your invalid XHTML blogger template errors.

Step5: Dont allow Hyperlinks in comments

If possible dont allow hyperlinks in comments, Using href tags in comments produces invalid XHTML results.
So say no to clickable links in comments.

Now check your blog for validation again:
Again go  Validation Service and see how many errors and warnings you reduced. :)

Overall conclusion:

A blogger template XHTML by default produces invalid results which affects your sites crawl rate and also loading time. By fixing /minimizing invalid XHTML errors you can do better in SERP's to have a nice flow of search engine's traffic to your blog.

If you have more tips and suggesions over Fixing/Mnimizing blogger XHTML template validation bugs then feel free to share with us.

Dec 5, 2011

Image SEO-Image Optimization Tips

Image SEO is one of the important thing that many of bloggers forget to do. To get high rankings in image search results Optimizing images is a neccessary step.
Image searches like google image search have huge potential to drive search engine traffic to your sites and therefore increasing your sites traffic. There are certain aspects that defines images, by optimizing these aspects you can drive a huge flow of organic traffic to your site thus increasing your sites google search rankings.
Image Optimization for search engines is a very easy task and can be perfectly done by following the tips given bellow.
So here we starts,

File Size

To reduce your sites page load time you should keep your images size as small as possible offcourse without sacrificing image quality.
Using a large image and reducing it's size by applying height and width tags will not going to help you but they will create trouble for you. If you use a large image and apply height and width tags to reduce its size actually it loads full size and then browser will resize it according to height and width attributes. That means here not only extra loading time but also a resizing time will be required which will cause your webpage loads slowly.

Keywords in File name

File name will surely help you to rank higher in SERP's, the words in filename are considered as Keywords (See the image bellow).

 So give your Image a proper name that should consist of proper description containing keywords of the post for which you are going to use that image.

Image alt Tag(Most Important)

Use proper image title tag in image url as bellow
<img src=”your image url here” alt =”sample alt text here/>
Alt tag is the primary thing on the basis of which images are ranked in image SERP's. So select your alt text carefully and try to be descriptive along with blending your keywords in that description. 

Title Tags

Title tags are not so important as alt tags but they still are counted, so better to use them.
Title tags can be used in image url as follows,
<img src=”” alt =”sample alt text here” title=”sample title text here”/>


Don't Stuff

This is basic but I am still reminding you, don't keyword stuff filename, alt tags and title tags. Let them be short, targeted and descriptive.

Overall Conclusion

If you are spending hours to write your posts then don't feel lazy to optimise your post images. Remember these small things will only help you to beat your competitors. It is nothing but something like "Overtaking your competitors when they are sleeping".

Dec 3, 2011

Complete SEO Guide Step by Step

Here I am giving you full SEO guide to optimize your site. I assure  you that after you follow this step by step guide you will reach pr3 in next PR update surely.
 I can also write the articles that full of  theoretical knowledge about SEO and which looks more professional, but I have created this blog to make simple tutorials that will give you practical knowledge rather than bombarding your minds with unwanted SEO terminologies.

Being short and sweet
The only formula behind increasing your pagerank and in parallell your site traffic is just get Backlinks.
In this SEO guide I will provide all the possible sources along with full tutorials which can give you instant backlinks.
Before we start I assume that
  • You don't have page rank higher than pr3.
  • Having blog relatively new, less than 1 year old.
  • You are not following any other SEO guide in parallel (That will confuse you)

Dec 2, 2011

Optimize Post Titles Using H2 tags in Blogger - Better SEO

Recently I explained tutorial for How to change Title tags in blogger for better SEO and today I am here with most important H2 Post Title Optimization Technique.
Not optimizing H2 heading tags in a blogger blog is a biggest mistake that many of bloggers do.
Google has already cleared that google bots reads your content just like a human reads it, headings, highlighted and bolded text draws more attention of both visitors and google bots.
Heading tags starts from H1,H2 and go up to H6 in decreasing order of size and importance. By default all blogger templates have H1 tags assigned for Homepage Main Title, H2 tag for blog description and header dates,sidebar headings and H3 tag for Post Titles.
However the fact is that Post Titles are the second most important part of your blog after the main title. Sidebar and post description are nothing important as comparison with your post titles.

So the in short and simple conclusion of this post is,
In blogger H3 tags are assigned to post titles by default, We are going to assign H2 tags to the Post Titles which will give more importance to the post title of-course after your Homepage main title.

So here is tutorial to change Post Titles Heading tags to H2 in Blogger
  • Go to blogger > Design > Edit HTML 
  • check the expand template box
  • Backup your template
  • Now search for
.post h3
and Replace it with this code bellow,
.post h2

  • Remember replace all the occurrences of .post h3 with .post h2
  • Then search for
and replace it with ,
  • Thats it, Now you have successfully optimised your heading tags for better SEO.
After this optimization you will gradually see good increase in web traffic and your blog will perform its best in SERPs.