Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera to Capture Panoramic Images
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Nov 2, 2011

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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera to Capture Panoramic Images

In the Technical University of Berlin a Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera equipped with 36 2mp mobile phone cameras has been developed by a researcher  Jonas Pfeil this camera can be thrown up in the air to capture panoramic images.

This camera is consist of an accelerometer, this accelerometer helps the camera ball to determine the highest peak of the flight, at these point all the 36 cameras get activated to take panoramic images.
This camera ball is provided with an USB port to transfer the images captured into a computer.To view these pictures researchers have developed a spherical panoramic viewer.

Jonas Pfeil said
"We used the camera to capture full spherical panoramas at scenic spots, in a crowded city square and in the middle of a group of people taking turns in throwing the camera. Above all we found that it is a very enjoyable, playful way to take pictures".
 However.this camera ball  is not yet commercially available.
The researchers have said,
 "we are currently looking for an investor who would be interested in taking the development of the product further".


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