How to Pick Keywords using Google Trends
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Nov 12, 2011

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How to Pick Keywords using Google Trends

Recently I have posted an article for finding high pagerank dofolow pages to build some high pr backlinks and boost your sites google pagerank.
However selecting highy searched keywords for your post is also necessary for driving search engine traffic to your blog/site.

Keyword selection is the most important and crucial step to improve your blog/site traffic.Only having unique and quality content will not drive traffic to your blog, your best articles may be not given importance by search engines if they are not stuffed with proper keywords. However picking highly searched keywords is now made simple by itself google by introducing Google Trends

Today I am going to explain you a tutorial for picking highly searched keywords to use them in your post titles and within post to drive high traffic to your site.

Tools Required:   

Step 1:
           Go to Google Trends and type your keywords there seperated by comma. Let's compare some SEO related keywords for our blog.
  • seo news
  • seo tips
  • seo tools
  • seo help

Step 2:
         Now click on search trends button, and you will get something like this

Observation 1:

Conclusion 1:
    Now what we understand from above observation,

The above chart gives us relative global google searches for each keyword (color) per month. It gives a nice approximation of the global searches for a particular keyword.

  • SEO tools comes first
  • SEO tips comes second
  • SEO news comes third
  • SEO help comes last
Overall Conclusion:
  We have analysed four keywords SEO Tools, SEO Tips,  SEO News and  SEO Help in google trends. We found SEO tools and SEO news  command the most potential traffic, so picking these keywords for our site along with having some quality backlinks and if your site ranks well in google and you have some nice backlinks you should be bringing in a nice flow of traffic.


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Ritesh Warke said...

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Yasir Khan - online marketer said...

This is one feature from Google search that gives free suggestion of related keywords for the term we are looking into and thus Google suggest can be used as one of the Google keyword research tool.

But this might not be a great keyword research tool for all adwords and search engine experts, but we can’t avoid the possibility of search going into it to those keywords through your main keyword list.

Addison said...

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Dale Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice tips for keywords selection for onpage optimization

SEO Firm In India said...

Yeah it is good for keyword research but Google addword is best for it.

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