How to increase PR of blog/site by dofollow backlinks
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Nov 2, 2011

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How to increase PR of blog/site by dofollow backlinks

Today I am starting a series of some important and intresting articles that will help you to increase google pagerank of your site.

First of all I want to clear some basic important tearms that plays important role in Search engine optimization.

1) Nofollow : Nofollow is a attribute that tells google crawlers and bots that the given link is not so important.
If you add nofollow tag to any link or to comments in your site, then crawlers will just ignore that link and will not pass link juice to respective websites.

2) Dofollow: In practice dofollow attribute doesn't exists, the link is said to be dofollow if nofollow atribute is absent.Suppose you have got a dofollow link to your blog from a website having good pagerank, when google crawlers will crawl the page of that website and the will transfer linkjuice to your blog, frank meaning of a dofollow link is that the link is important and google sees with respect towards the blogs that having dofollow links from high pagerank sites. After getting several dofollow liks from high pagerank sites, your blog will definately get higher pagerank in next google page rank update.

3) Link juice: Link juice is nothing but the currency of google which helps to increase your blog's weightage in google pagerank and google search results.

Overall Conclusion : To icrease your websites google pagerank, you need to get some quality dofollow links from the high pagerank reputed websites, and try to add  nofollow attribute to the  links originatig from your posts and your comments to prevent flow of your pagerank to the respective blogs or websites.


  • Dont only stick to dofollow blogs also get some links to your blog from some nofolow blogs.
  • Google will never like that you are getting backlinks from only dofollow blogs.
  • Google hats spammers, so dont spam on dofollow blogs. First read the post content and then only reply in comment leaving your backlink there. dont reply like thanks,very nice you have to leave some topic related comment there.

What next?
In this series next article will be about finding dofollow blogs.


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Ritesh Warke said...

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khaja moin said...

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Maurice said...

Thank you! For a newbie like me this information is pure gold!

Katherine Blake said...

Thanks so much, but i have tried checking many sites on web most of them are nofollow. could please tell me how to check for dofollow sites? All Web Design Info

Itender Rawat said...

I agree with you! You have to comment and give useful info about the topic you are reading! The dofollow list if nice Ritesh! Thanks

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Nirmala said...

Nice information Ritesh.. Am a blogger and hope this information would help me to increase my Pagerank. Thanks for sharing..

luka said...

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John Crestend said...

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