How to change Title tags in blogger for better SEO
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Nov 23, 2011

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How to change Title tags in blogger for better SEO

Recently I have given a simple tutorial for
What are Title Tags?

Title tag is a one line summary about the page,The content of title tag is displayed in your search results.

By default blogger Title tags are such that your blog title is shown on every post page before your post title which is a very bad SEO practice. To perform better in SERP's more importance should be given to your post title rather than blog title.

In short, I have optimised my title tags so in search results the title appears as
"Post title:Blog title" which is the best SEO practice.

 If we dont optimise title tags then in search results  the title will apear as
"Blog title:Post title" which is a worse SEO practice.

     Tech Inspiro ~ How to Pick Keywords using Google Trends 

We are going to achieve our goal by using Conditional tags. I suggest  to read following post before you proceed towards tutorial which will help you to know whats actually happening with your code.
Now there are two ways to optimise Title tags are explained as follows,

Method 1: If you don't index your category pages then follow this procedure.
    • Go to your blogger dashboard then click on design, then on edit html, check the box expand widget.
    • Now search for (press ctrl + f to search)
    • Now replace it with
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
    • It will look like this
    Method2: If you index your category pages then follow this procedure.
      • search for
      • Now replace it with
      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      •  It will look like this
      Thats all!
      You will not get immediate results in search engines, it takes maximum 90 days to get all your posts reindexed.
      To check whether you have done every thing correct slide your mouse pointer to your browser tab and observe the popup balloon representing page title.
      Also you can check its working by clicking some of my other posts... :)


      harish said...

      Its working perfectly.

      Ritesh Warke said...

      You are wellcome :)

      Yngve Traberg said...

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      Ritesh Warke said...

      @Yngve Traberg,
      I am glad to hear that... Thanks :)

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for this informative tips. Regards!

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      Ritesh Warke said...

      Thanks buddy :)

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the great seo services
      tip! I've read different blogs explaining how to change the anchor tags, but none of them showed it as easily as you did and provided easy to follow examples. I think this time I might actually do it correctly. Thanks!

      Ritesh Warke said...

      @Stratshaw, Best of luck :)

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      Dawn said...

      This was very informative thank you!!

      Anonymous said...

      Thnx bro. I did it.. improve in traffic

      James said...

      Thank you. I don't know why on Earth Blogger defaults to display the blog title then the post title in search results. Makes no sense to me but this is an easy fix.

      Bhutan Shangri-la said...

      this is wonderful... thanks a lot!

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