How to Backup facebook Photos and Data
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Nov 2, 2011

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How to Backup facebook Photos and Data

Now a days facebook is bacame a unsperable part of our life, maximum of facebook users have the beautifull moments of their life stored on facebook in the form of photos and other data.

Ever you think about loosing your photos and other data from your facebook profile. Remember guys in this cyber age nothig is permanant.
we all have learnt in our primary days of school that,
 "Prevension is better than cure".

So guys I am going to explain you how to backup your facebook photos and other data.There are several ways to do this we will discuss some of them here,
Here we starts,

  • Directly backup you facebook data to your hard disk using ArchiveFacebook :

ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox addon which is used to backup your facebook data to your hard disk. How ever its speed is slow as it actually downloads all the facebook data to your hard disk.
  • Backupify – On To The Cloud:
Backupify is the easiest and best service to backup online on the cloud. Using this service you can backup your facebook,twitter,flicker data and many other online services data.It is a free service.
  • Facebook Photo Album Downloader called FacePad:
FacePad is a firefox adon, Facepad is actually a Photo album downloader, It allows a facebook user to download any facebook album directly,doesn't matters it's your or your friend's.


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