Google Seach Results are now Secure and Private with https encryption protocol
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Nov 2, 2011

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Google Seach Results are now Secure and Private with https encryption protocol

In past few years Google had worked very hard to embend an encryption protocol called SSL in their services.Now a days many google services like gmail,orkut  uses SSL protocol.In january 2010 google introduced an encrypted search service at
The world knows that the Goolgle search is the king of search engines,so improvement of security of google search will definately secure this cyber age.

Google is now enhancing their default search in next few weeks,the signed users will automatically redirected to .com (an extra s ie https).However if you are not signed to your google account or you dont have it then also you can navigate to directly.
This change will encrypt your google search queries and google search page.
Its effect on sites that getting traffic from google:

Now if you search for "riteshrockss.blogspot" in and then land into my blog,
then through Google Webmaster Tools I can know that you come to my blog through google but I can't know that your search query "riteshrockss.blogspot" . However Webmasters still can recieve the information about the top 1000 search queries that driven traffic to their site in past 30 days through Google Webmaster Tools.      

Today google is moving forward to increase privacy and security in this cyber age and  thinks that similar actions should be taken by other websites about employing SSL encryption protocol more widely and effectively.


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