Get High pr9 Dofollow backlinks-SEO Tips
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Nov 25, 2011

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Get High pr9 Dofollow backlinks-SEO Tips

In some previous post we found some high pr dofollow blogs to get backlinks.
Now it's time to do something different but effective.

Are you getting rid of hunting out dofollow blogs to get backlinks, and now you dont want to do this boring spy work to get backlinks and link juice?

If yes, then this article is for you. Now its time to find some alternative sources to get high pr backlinks and link juice.
  • Remember this cyber world is extended beyond the sky and resources are never going to end until you have sharp spy sight.
Today I am going to explain a full tutorial for getting high pr backlinks and linkjuice from our well known website Youtube.

Yes it's the one that google owns. Do you ever observed a youtube profile in SEO point of view, I dont think so.
Lets see how:

Now we will observe various aspects of a youtube profile.

Tools Required:

Observation 1:

Conclusion 1:
Now what you understand from above observation.

  • Point 1: Here in youtube profile you have space to add dofollow link of your site.
  • Point 2,3 and 4: Here via subscribers,channel comments and friends you can get dofollow links from other channels. This means you can pass linkjuice of high pr profiles of other users to your profile and from your profile to your site through the dofollow link we seccured in point 1.
Key point:
 Youtube is full of high pr profiles so this is a really vast source for getting high pr link juice.

Now the technical part is how to find high pr profiles easily without doing hours of spywork.
Here we starts tutorial to figure out high pr youtube profiles.

I assume you have read
  • And installed seoquake.
Now Tutorial starts:
  1. Just go to Google  , in search setting select 100 results per page  click on save settings and return to search
  2. In google,search for the any one of the queries bellow  
 Now by considering any one of these two search queries follow the tutorial given here. 

 Overall Conclusion:
Look at those pr9 profiles don't they are spinning your head right round-round.
Just create youtube profile design it well and fill full information(So that it will reach pr6+ in next pr update). 
Add your site url in your youtube profile as described in point 1.
Now find some high pr profiles by using above tutorial, subsrcibe them,add them as friend and post comment in their channel comments section.
And get high pr linkjuice to get your site awarded with high pr in next pr update.
 Stay tuned for more :)


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