Finding High PR Dofollow Pages
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Nov 2, 2011

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Finding High PR Dofollow Pages

In previous article of this series we discvered easiest way to Find Dofollow blogs to build Backlinks to Increase pagerank.Now after gating a dofollow blog, manually finding its high PR pages is a big mess. Today i am going to explain you how to find high pagerank pages of any blog  may be nofollow or dofollow automatically without any spy work of hours and days.
Before we start I assume that you have read how to find dofollow blogs.

Tools Required:

Here we start tutorial for finding Pagerank pages of a dofollow blog.

Step 1: Find a dofollow blog.

Earlier explained here- how to find dofollow blogs .

Step 2: Now in step 2 we will find high PR pages.

I assume you have installed Seoquake

Now go to  google search.
and search for site:your dofolow blog
for eg. In last article we learned how to find dofollow blogs and we found a dofollow blog
so now we will find high PR pages of this blog.

for that, search in google for

Observation 1 :

Conclusion 1:
Now what you understand from above observation.

Point 1: In google search we entered the domain of the blog/site that we have to search,We added the prefix site: this prefix tells google to ony give results from this site only.

Point 2 and 3: Now after clicking on search, you will get results(pages from that particular site).
Now these pages are arranged randomly and now we will sort out high pagerank pages automatically using
seoquake, for that click on PR as shown in point 2 in screen shot and click on SORT Z -> A . 
Now your search results will be automatically sorted in descending pagerank order bubbling up high pagerank pages.

Point 4: See here all pages are arranged in descending pagerank order and the pages with high pagerank are automatically bubbled out leaving low pagerank pages at bottom.

Overall Conclusion : We have successfully discovered high pagerank pages of a dofollow blog, and now we will surely comment on these pages to get some quality back links to rank our site higher in next google pagerank update.

Note 1: 
many of blogs contains thousands of pages so searching with 10 results on each page will be lengthy, to overcome this problem just use advanced search and in advanced search select Show 100 results per page(to get advanced search option just click on gear icon in google search).

Observation 2 :
Conclusion 2 :

Point 1: change results per page option from 10 results to 100 results and click on advanced search button located at right bottom of the page .

Note 2 :
You can use ignore condition in your search to narrow the search results.
Such as -category -tag -users -blogs -archive -page
The prefix "-" is use to ignore certain unwanted pages from search results. This helps you to narrow your search results and to get the actual content that you want.
However I dont use this ignore prefix because I have some unique methods to find actual content that i have to find. In upcoming days I will post tutorials on how to find high pagerank pages from a dofollow blog instantly by 100 % narrowing the search results and to find what we really need.


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Ritesh Warke said...

@leesa jhon, usually google rolls out PR update afer three months of periods(may vary), You can expect next PR update in the first week of november. :)

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