November 2011
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Nov 25, 2011

Get High pr9 Dofollow backlinks-SEO Tips

In some previous post we found some high pr dofollow blogs to get backlinks.
Now it's time to do something different but effective.

Are you getting rid of hunting out dofollow blogs to get backlinks, and now you dont want to do this boring spy work to get backlinks and link juice?

If yes, then this article is for you. Now its time to find some alternative sources to get high pr backlinks and link juice.
  • Remember this cyber world is extended beyond the sky and resources are never going to end until you have sharp spy sight.
Today I am going to explain a full tutorial for getting high pr backlinks and linkjuice from our well known website Youtube.

Yes it's the one that google owns. Do you ever observed a youtube profile in SEO point of view, I dont think so.
Lets see how:

Now we will observe various aspects of a youtube profile.

Tools Required:

Observation 1:

Conclusion 1:
Now what you understand from above observation.

  • Point 1: Here in youtube profile you have space to add dofollow link of your site.
  • Point 2,3 and 4: Here via subscribers,channel comments and friends you can get dofollow links from other channels. This means you can pass linkjuice of high pr profiles of other users to your profile and from your profile to your site through the dofollow link we seccured in point 1.
Key point:
 Youtube is full of high pr profiles so this is a really vast source for getting high pr link juice.

Now the technical part is how to find high pr profiles easily without doing hours of spywork.
Here we starts tutorial to figure out high pr youtube profiles.

I assume you have read
  • And installed seoquake.
Now Tutorial starts:
  1. Just go to Google  , in search setting select 100 results per page  click on save settings and return to search
  2. In google,search for the any one of the queries bellow  
 Now by considering any one of these two search queries follow the tutorial given here. 

 Overall Conclusion:
Look at those pr9 profiles don't they are spinning your head right round-round.
Just create youtube profile design it well and fill full information(So that it will reach pr6+ in next pr update). 
Add your site url in your youtube profile as described in point 1.
Now find some high pr profiles by using above tutorial, subsrcibe them,add them as friend and post comment in their channel comments section.
And get high pr linkjuice to get your site awarded with high pr in next pr update.
 Stay tuned for more :)

Nov 23, 2011

How to change Title tags in blogger for better SEO

Recently I have given a simple tutorial for
What are Title Tags?

Title tag is a one line summary about the page,The content of title tag is displayed in your search results.

By default blogger Title tags are such that your blog title is shown on every post page before your post title which is a very bad SEO practice. To perform better in SERP's more importance should be given to your post title rather than blog title.

In short, I have optimised my title tags so in search results the title appears as
"Post title:Blog title" which is the best SEO practice.

 If we dont optimise title tags then in search results  the title will apear as
"Blog title:Post title" which is a worse SEO practice.

     Tech Inspiro ~ How to Pick Keywords using Google Trends 

We are going to achieve our goal by using Conditional tags. I suggest  to read following post before you proceed towards tutorial which will help you to know whats actually happening with your code.
Now there are two ways to optimise Title tags are explained as follows,

Method 1: If you don't index your category pages then follow this procedure.
    • Go to your blogger dashboard then click on design, then on edit html, check the box expand widget.
    • Now search for (press ctrl + f to search)
    • Now replace it with
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
    • It will look like this
    Method2: If you index your category pages then follow this procedure.
      • search for
      • Now replace it with
      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      •  It will look like this
      Thats all!
      You will not get immediate results in search engines, it takes maximum 90 days to get all your posts reindexed.
      To check whether you have done every thing correct slide your mouse pointer to your browser tab and observe the popup balloon representing page title.
      Also you can check its working by clicking some of my other posts... :)

      Nov 21, 2011

      Auto accept PR 7 Do follow Blog High PR Pages Explored-Tutorial

      Hi guys..
      Today I am here with a big bang with an autoaccept PR7 dofollow blog. I am going to explain you a full tutorial to explore all the high pr pages of this blog.

      Before we start I assume  that you have read finding high pagerank dofollow pages .
      Tools Required:

      Now we will explore all the high pr pages using some simple techniques.
      So the tutorial starts here.

      1. Go to .
      2. Create an account, in your profile fill your data, you will see that there you can add your website link at two places and the bonus point is that after next pr update that profile page will reach pr6 damm surely.
      3. So you have now seccured two pr6 backlinks to your website.
      4.  Now we are going to explore all the high pr pages of the blog with some simple techniques.
      5. Just go to Google  , in search setting select 100 results per page  click on save settings and return to search
      6. In google search for the queries one by one
       Now by considering there two search queries follow the tutorial given here

      After exploring all the high pr pages of comment on the posts and get high pr backlinks.
      After having this task completed I assure you that if your blog holds pagerank less than pr3 then it will be  awarded with higher pagerank upto pr3 in next google pagerank update.

      But remember dont cross the faint line between building backinks and spamming ,because google just hates spam.
      What next ?
      Next post wil be "The full tutorial to get link juice from 100's of PR8 pages with little work".

      Stay tuned for more.. 

      Nov 12, 2011

      Unique Meta Tags Description for each Post Page Automatically

      Adding unique meta tags description to each and homepage of your site is can be made using conditional tags in blogger.

      Google have already declared in a blog post  that
      Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking
      However google also have made clear that , each post pages should have their own meta description to improve SEO and build search engine traffic. Description tag is used as a snipplet which will be displayed bellow the title in SERPs.Description metatag tells search engines and also users what your page is all about. Using same meta description tags to all of your blog posts reduces the search engine rankings and traffic.
      But, adding different unique meta tags to different Blog posts will make it unique and allow the search engines to know more about your individual blog posts and make them crawl and index your pages better to boost your traffic dramatically.

      Here we starts,
      • Login Your Blogger Account and Go to Design > Edit HTML
      • Search this code bellow
      • Just below this, add the code given below          
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
           <meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='description'/>
           <meta content='Your blog general description' name='description'/>
      • Save Your Template
       Replace above Your blog general description with your blogs description, this description will be used for your homepage.
      however the code
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='description'/>
       will add Title of your blog post in description attribute of meta. So, every page will have their own different and unique description.

      How to Pick Keywords using Google Trends

      Recently I have posted an article for finding high pagerank dofolow pages to build some high pr backlinks and boost your sites google pagerank.
      However selecting highy searched keywords for your post is also necessary for driving search engine traffic to your blog/site.

      Keyword selection is the most important and crucial step to improve your blog/site traffic.Only having unique and quality content will not drive traffic to your blog, your best articles may be not given importance by search engines if they are not stuffed with proper keywords. However picking highly searched keywords is now made simple by itself google by introducing Google Trends

      Today I am going to explain you a tutorial for picking highly searched keywords to use them in your post titles and within post to drive high traffic to your site.

      Tools Required:   

      Step 1:
                 Go to Google Trends and type your keywords there seperated by comma. Let's compare some SEO related keywords for our blog.
      • seo news
      • seo tips
      • seo tools
      • seo help

      Step 2:
               Now click on search trends button, and you will get something like this

      Observation 1:

      Conclusion 1:
          Now what we understand from above observation,

      The above chart gives us relative global google searches for each keyword (color) per month. It gives a nice approximation of the global searches for a particular keyword.

      • SEO tools comes first
      • SEO tips comes second
      • SEO news comes third
      • SEO help comes last
      Overall Conclusion:
        We have analysed four keywords SEO Tools, SEO Tips,  SEO News and  SEO Help in google trends. We found SEO tools and SEO news  command the most potential traffic, so picking these keywords for our site along with having some quality backlinks and if your site ranks well in google and you have some nice backlinks you should be bringing in a nice flow of traffic.

      Nov 2, 2011

      Finding High PR Dofollow Pages

      In previous article of this series we discvered easiest way to Find Dofollow blogs to build Backlinks to Increase pagerank.Now after gating a dofollow blog, manually finding its high PR pages is a big mess. Today i am going to explain you how to find high pagerank pages of any blog  may be nofollow or dofollow automatically without any spy work of hours and days.
      Before we start I assume that you have read how to find dofollow blogs.

      Tools Required:

      Here we start tutorial for finding Pagerank pages of a dofollow blog.

      Step 1: Find a dofollow blog.

      Earlier explained here- how to find dofollow blogs .

      Step 2: Now in step 2 we will find high PR pages.

      I assume you have installed Seoquake

      Now go to  google search.
      and search for site:your dofolow blog
      for eg. In last article we learned how to find dofollow blogs and we found a dofollow blog
      so now we will find high PR pages of this blog.

      for that, search in google for

      Observation 1 :

      Conclusion 1:
      Now what you understand from above observation.

      Point 1: In google search we entered the domain of the blog/site that we have to search,We added the prefix site: this prefix tells google to ony give results from this site only.

      Point 2 and 3: Now after clicking on search, you will get results(pages from that particular site).
      Now these pages are arranged randomly and now we will sort out high pagerank pages automatically using
      seoquake, for that click on PR as shown in point 2 in screen shot and click on SORT Z -> A . 
      Now your search results will be automatically sorted in descending pagerank order bubbling up high pagerank pages.

      Point 4: See here all pages are arranged in descending pagerank order and the pages with high pagerank are automatically bubbled out leaving low pagerank pages at bottom.

      Overall Conclusion : We have successfully discovered high pagerank pages of a dofollow blog, and now we will surely comment on these pages to get some quality back links to rank our site higher in next google pagerank update.

      Note 1: 
      many of blogs contains thousands of pages so searching with 10 results on each page will be lengthy, to overcome this problem just use advanced search and in advanced search select Show 100 results per page(to get advanced search option just click on gear icon in google search).

      Observation 2 :
      Conclusion 2 :

      Point 1: change results per page option from 10 results to 100 results and click on advanced search button located at right bottom of the page .

      Note 2 :
      You can use ignore condition in your search to narrow the search results.
      Such as -category -tag -users -blogs -archive -page
      The prefix "-" is use to ignore certain unwanted pages from search results. This helps you to narrow your search results and to get the actual content that you want.
      However I dont use this ignore prefix because I have some unique methods to find actual content that i have to find. In upcoming days I will post tutorials on how to find high pagerank pages from a dofollow blog instantly by 100 % narrowing the search results and to find what we really need.

      How to Find Dofollow blogs to build Backlinks to Increase PR

      Today we are going to find some dofollow blogs to build some backlinks and increase google pagerank of your site.

      Before we starting I assume that you have read How to increase google pagerank of site by dofollow backlinks .

      Tools Required:

      Here we start tutorial for finding dofollow blogs.
      Step 1: Download Seoquake tool and install it. It is available for almost all the browsers.

      Step 2: Go to KeywordLuv Search Engine , and enter a keyword (whatever it may be,better its revalent to your sites content ).
      This is an excellent tool which gives list of dofollow and commentlove and keyword love blogs revalent to the keyword entered.

      Let me explain you by taking an example.
      I am now going to search for keyword  CEO tips .

      Observation 1 :

      Conclusion 1 : 
      Now here we got first result page giving list of some links. Now we will check these links to find dofollow, keywordluv and commentluv blogs.

      Now open any of result link in new tab, as the page loads your seoquake plugin stars working.
      Let me explain you to identify some important things using seoquake.

      Observation 2:

      Conclusion 2: 
      Now what you understand from above observation.
      Point 1 : Pagerank of current page is 2.
      Point 2 : The site has 400 inbound links.

      Now we got some important information about this site.

      Now lets scroll down and observe the comments.

      Observation 3:

      Conclusion 3: 
      Now what you understand from above observation.
      Point 1: User comments are nofollow. (Seoquake indicates nofollow links with a strike through line)
      Point 2: Author comments are dofollow.
      Point 3: The blog is comment love.

      How ever the blog is commentluv, this is a plus point but user comments are nofollow so we will leave this blog and will check another search result.

      Now we will open another search result in new tab and will observe its different aspects.

      Observation 4: 

      Conclusion 4:
      Now what you understand from above observation.
      Point 1: The user comments are  dofollow. (Its awesome).
      Point 2: The author comments are also dofollow (We don't care).
      point 3: Blog uses commentluv(thats extra bonus).

      Overall Conclusion:

      The features we obtained in conclusion 4 are what we were searching for,So this blog is ideal for commenting and build some quality backlinks.
      So guys find more and more such blogs and get quality backlinks so that you will be awarded with higher pagerank in next google pagerank update.

      But remember dont cross the faint line between building backinks and spamming ,because google just hates spam.

      What next ?
      Next article will be about Finding high pagerank dofollow pages.

      How to increase PR of blog/site by dofollow backlinks

      Today I am starting a series of some important and intresting articles that will help you to increase google pagerank of your site.

      First of all I want to clear some basic important tearms that plays important role in Search engine optimization.

      1) Nofollow : Nofollow is a attribute that tells google crawlers and bots that the given link is not so important.
      If you add nofollow tag to any link or to comments in your site, then crawlers will just ignore that link and will not pass link juice to respective websites.

      2) Dofollow: In practice dofollow attribute doesn't exists, the link is said to be dofollow if nofollow atribute is absent.Suppose you have got a dofollow link to your blog from a website having good pagerank, when google crawlers will crawl the page of that website and the will transfer linkjuice to your blog, frank meaning of a dofollow link is that the link is important and google sees with respect towards the blogs that having dofollow links from high pagerank sites. After getting several dofollow liks from high pagerank sites, your blog will definately get higher pagerank in next google page rank update.

      3) Link juice: Link juice is nothing but the currency of google which helps to increase your blog's weightage in google pagerank and google search results.

      Overall Conclusion : To icrease your websites google pagerank, you need to get some quality dofollow links from the high pagerank reputed websites, and try to add  nofollow attribute to the  links originatig from your posts and your comments to prevent flow of your pagerank to the respective blogs or websites.


      • Dont only stick to dofollow blogs also get some links to your blog from some nofolow blogs.
      • Google will never like that you are getting backlinks from only dofollow blogs.
      • Google hats spammers, so dont spam on dofollow blogs. First read the post content and then only reply in comment leaving your backlink there. dont reply like thanks,very nice you have to leave some topic related comment there.

      What next?
      In this series next article will be about finding dofollow blogs.

      Conditional Tags - Targeting Specific pages In Blogger

      You may ever need to display any blogger widget or adsense ads unit in one (or more) specific page(pages) such as home page,item or post page,index or list page,label page,yearly archive page,static page,or a specific page using its url this can be done using conditional tags in blogger. 

      Today i am going to explain you the different conditional tags along with their implementation in your blogger template to show specific widget or adsense adds on the specific pages according to your need.

      General syntax of conditional tag is as follows:
      <b:if cond='YOUR CONDITION HERE'>
      Your task to perform
      In above syntax you can use different conditions (I am going to explain each bellow) if your condition is found true then only the task written in the code will be performed and if your condition is found false then task will be skipped.
      Now lets discuss some conditions that we need to use frequently. 
      • How to display any blogger widget or adsense ads unit only in homepage

      Now for performing this task we need to setup a conditional tag as follows,
      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
       Your widget code or your adsense ads code here
      Now what is the meaning of above code?

      In above code we used condition 
      cond='data:blog.url ==data:blog.homepageUrl' 

      The meaning of this condition is that the task to be performed that is the text written above in red colour ,will be only performed if the current page is a homepage i.e. your blogger widget or adsense ad unit will only displayed on homepage.

      There are two possiblities about using this code as follows,

      1)When you want to add any blogger widget code directly in template then you just have to change your code like this, 
      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      Your original widget code or your adsense ads code here 
      And you are done.

      2) Suppose you have a widget in your sidebar and you have to display it only on the homepage, Now firstly you need to find the location of the code in your template, How will you find?

      Here I tell you a simple trick to find any widget code location in blogger template and apply conditional tags.

      This is my facebook like box situated in my sidebar.

      Now we will find its code location in my blogger template and then we will apply conditonal tag to it to show it only in homepage.


      · Go to blogger dashboard click on design and add a title to the widget. I have given it title Ritesh009.

      · Now click on edit html and then check the box expand widget templates.

      · Now search Ritesh009 ( press ctrl+f to search) ,this will give you the location of the code of the widget now you can add conditional tag to this code as shown bellow,

      And done, now the facebook like box widget will be shown only on the homepage.

      This was only a example you can use this technique to design your blogger template like a problogger.

      Different conditional tags are as follows, 
      • For item pages i.e post pages: 

      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

      • For index i.e. list pages: 
      Index pages includes homepage,labels page ,and your yearly archieve page. 
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>

      •   For Archive page: 
      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "archive"'> 

      • For static page: 

      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "static_page"'>
      • For homepage 

      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      • For specific page(using its url as condition) 

      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == "Put url of page here"'>

      Some extra knowledge about conditional tags for probloggers:
      •  Adding alternative false condition using <b:else/> tag:
      <b:if cond='YOUR CONDITION HERE'>
      Task 1(will be executed if condition is true)
      Task 2(Will be executed if condition is false)
      • Reversing a condition using != operator:
      <b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      Your widget code or your adsense ads code here
      Now as we used != i.e not operator in above conditional tag, the conditon is reversed i.e now the widget will be displayed in all the pages except homepage.
      Happy blogging :)

      How to Backup facebook Photos and Data

      Now a days facebook is bacame a unsperable part of our life, maximum of facebook users have the beautifull moments of their life stored on facebook in the form of photos and other data.

      Ever you think about loosing your photos and other data from your facebook profile. Remember guys in this cyber age nothig is permanant.
      we all have learnt in our primary days of school that,
       "Prevension is better than cure".

      So guys I am going to explain you how to backup your facebook photos and other data.There are several ways to do this we will discuss some of them here,
      Here we starts,

      • Directly backup you facebook data to your hard disk using ArchiveFacebook :

      ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox addon which is used to backup your facebook data to your hard disk. How ever its speed is slow as it actually downloads all the facebook data to your hard disk.
      • Backupify – On To The Cloud:
      Backupify is the easiest and best service to backup online on the cloud. Using this service you can backup your facebook,twitter,flicker data and many other online services data.It is a free service.
      • Facebook Photo Album Downloader called FacePad:
      FacePad is a firefox adon, Facepad is actually a Photo album downloader, It allows a facebook user to download any facebook album directly,doesn't matters it's your or your friend's.

      Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera to Capture Panoramic Images

      In the Technical University of Berlin a Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera equipped with 36 2mp mobile phone cameras has been developed by a researcher  Jonas Pfeil this camera can be thrown up in the air to capture panoramic images.

      This camera is consist of an accelerometer, this accelerometer helps the camera ball to determine the highest peak of the flight, at these point all the 36 cameras get activated to take panoramic images.
      This camera ball is provided with an USB port to transfer the images captured into a computer.To view these pictures researchers have developed a spherical panoramic viewer.

      Jonas Pfeil said
      "We used the camera to capture full spherical panoramas at scenic spots, in a crowded city square and in the middle of a group of people taking turns in throwing the camera. Above all we found that it is a very enjoyable, playful way to take pictures".
       However.this camera ball  is not yet commercially available.
      The researchers have said,
       "we are currently looking for an investor who would be interested in taking the development of the product further".

      Relience Deals to Bring 4G in India

      The Economic Times has been reported that Reliance is finalising deals with global technology players and service providers to launch 4G services in India.

      The company says,
      “Reliance is in the process of setting up a world class broadband wireless network using state-of-art technologies and finalizing the arrangement with leading global technology players, service providers manufacturers and others to help usher the 4G revolution into India".
      Recently in 2010, to make wireless broadband revolution in India RIL set up Infotel Broadband Services Ltd for Rs 4,800 crore. Their motive behind this was to provide by end-to-end data solutions for educational institutions, social organizations, business enterprises and healthcare institutions.
      RIL chairman & managing director Mukesh D. Ambani said that they are fully geared to participate in Indias growth and continued global recovery in upcoming years,also he told that broadband and broadband-enabled digital services are the next big leap forward in the digital transformation of our knowledge economy.
      On this Saturday, Reliance reported a huge 16% of increase in their net profit, with the company sitting on a cash equivalent of $12.6 billion (Rs61,490 crore). 
      About this profit Ambani said
      “The growth is driven by improved performance in the company’s refining and petrochemicals businesses".

      Hide Data/files Behind an JPG Image file[tutorial]

      Art of hiding information in image files is called as Steganography. Today I am going to explain you how to hide your data files such as text,mp3,exe,3gp,avi etc. behind an image file.This tutorial will help you to store as many files you want behind an .jpg file.
      The tools needed are,
      1) PC
      2)7-ZIP,Winrar ,or Winzip installed on your PC.

      Here the tutorial starts,

      • Create a folder Hideit on your system drive C:/ drive and copy the files you wanted to hide behind an image file along with that image file into that Hideit folder.
      • Select the files you want to hide(not image file that we are using to hide files behind),after right clicking you will get an option to add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file.
      • Now name the compressed folder what ever you want say Ritesh.rar
      • Now you have go to Start then click on Run, In Run type cmd and press enter now command prompt window will open.
      • Type cd/ (this is a command to get to the root directtory i.e. C:/) and hit enter,now type cd Hideit ( meaning of this command is to change the directory to Hideit)
      • Now type in this  copy /b image.JPG + Ritesh.rar image.jpg  and hit Enter.(I have used word image.jpg by considering that the name of the JPG image that we are using to hide our data is image,you can change name to whatever you want,also make sure you should change .rar to .zip if your compressed file is in .zip format).
      • Now all your data is hidden behind the image,jpg file,you will clearly see that the size of your image file is increased according to the compressed archive.
      • You can see or extract the hidden files any time by opening image.jpg file using winrar or winzip(or any equivalent software).

      New Adsense ad Styles replaces color palettes

      As per committed to bring new features that adsense users been missing from the old AdSense interface adsense now going to launch ad styles. Ad styles will increase and enhance all of the functionality of old color palettes. With ad styles, we can create customized combinations of  fonts,colors, and corner styles and then can easily apply these customized combinations to the ad units and search engines across our site.

      In ad styles  you can edit an ad style in the new interface, the ad units or search engines which are using this style will automatically be updated with your changes.
      This feature will going to save lot of time by eliminating the need of re-assigning the colors to each ad individualy.
      Now here I am going to explain how to create new ad style and how to apply it

      To create a new ad style, first login to your adsense account,click the ‘My ads’ tab. Click ‘Ad styles’ in the navigation bar and then click  the ‘+New’ button. You can then assign existing ad styles to your ad units during the ad unit creation process.
      Have a look here increasing adsense revenue by customizing ads placement using conditional tags.